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September Carrino Overview

Coveting is part of human nature. We all feel that irresistible urge to have something which we consider sumptuous or rather appetizing: be it a meal, be it a hot chick or be it money. Narrowing down to a hot girl, there are those parts of a woman which a man considers most attractive – for some men it could be the ass, could be the face for some and yet for others, the bust is what attracts them to women most. Narrowing down further, there are various types of busts that men and lesbian girls consider attractive; some men love the small, stiff and pointed ones while other men love the large, smooth and rounded ones with a stiff dark nipple making the most anterior part of the breast. It does not matter what you prefer but the truth is that big, rounded and seemingly smooth breasts are attractive and sexy. Honestly, it is mind blowing to imagine receiving a teat job between two warm and well-rounded breasts or to imagine licking or sucking a hard a stiff nipple surrounded by large chunks of teasingly smooth tissue. Leave alone that, it is mind blowing for some men to just stare at pictures of such big busts or to watch such big busts at work. This is the exact purpose for which September Carrino exists. This network was launched in November 2008 by the beautiful and busty model September Carrino. The network features an exclusive collection of soft core scenes by September. All the sexy scenes on this network are soft core with most featuring September showing off her amazing bosom or doing some naughty action (for instance rubbing, jiggling, squeezing or bouncing them) with her large breasts. The network is a perfect collection of high quality media by a glamour model. The pics are big, beautiful and show a lot of professionalism while the videos are very sharp. The collection is quite big for a single model featuring a whooping two hundred and seventy nine image galleries and up to three hundred and one videos.

September Carrino Features

A large number of highly active sites upload their content frequently on to this network. Currently, twelve different sites upload media content on to this network. The twelve sites include: Naughty America, Sexy Porn, Sandy Pose. Free live cam shows are not offered on this network. However, loads of other interesting media content seem to have seamlessly masked this deficiency and made seem a strength. Media content of this network includes downloadable exclusive software pics and videos of busty model September. Download managers should be able to work efficiently on this network. Channel Max 1 has been tested and shown to work perfectly on this network. Speed download was used as the test software during the process of evaluating functionality and compatibility of Channel Max 1 to this network. Download manager works at acceptable speed of one megabyte per second. The browser also works at a speed of one megabyte per second on this network. The browser is able to resize the videos during download. Sizes of files offered on this network vary greatly. JPG images have sizes of four hundred and fifty kilobytes each while the zip files have sizes of thirty megabytes each. Each WMV video file is three hundred megabytes in size, each MOV video is also three hundred megabytes in size while each MP4 file has a size of fifty megabytes. A good number of videos offered on this network have soft music playing in their background. This is what makes this particular site unique – class. A video featuring big round boobs being rubbed with soft and romantic music playing in the background simply oozes class. The network offers an area for member’s ads and the members can rate the scenes. Pictures on this network were taken by pro level photographers. The pics have evidence of little to no airbrushing, have good lighting and come in bright colors. These give the pictures very high resolutions. The pictures have dimensions of three thousand by two thousand. Videos on this network can be streamed using the large flash player. This player has a five to ten seconds buffer and has smooth playback for the viewer’s own convenience. The videos that are streamed are of good quality. This network mainly concerns itself with solo models. A little porn including tit jobs, sucking and licking of the big boobs also feature. The network updates weekly but content can be uploaded on to the network from any of the twelve partner sites at any time. At least one photo gallery containing an average of thirty pics and one full video episode are uploaded in a week.

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September Carrino Contents

September Carrino mainly features a single model – September herself. Most scenes just feature this super model alone flaunting her breasts but a few scenes feature her female friends and fans do naughty things with her huge bust. No videos featured on this network are in High Definition. At present the site offers more than three hundred and eighty nine video scenes with variable lengths. Downloadable MP4 format videos with dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty can be watched at a bit rate of five thousand (5000k). Downloadable WMV video formats with dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty can also be viewed at a bit rate of five thousand (5000k). Only videos of flash format can be streamed; the videos have dimensions of seven hundred and twenty by five hundred and forty eight and can be viewed at unknown bit rates This is a solo girl which features September Carrino as the main model on the network. She is based in United States of America. She is a hot female in her twenties and has huge and natural breasts.




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