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If you get your pussy or cock cranked up when you see pretty girls caught in situations of sex slave, then you will savor full entertainment from Limited Audience. Get to view the bizarre slavish scenes, the wild sexual satisfaction in group slaving by one or two dominant partners and the sheer creativity you might never see anywhere else but here on limitedaudience.

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It had been some time since visited a site that presents so much artistic talent in their layout, choice of color and even the selection of the models featured. I love the orange and grey decors, the amazing lingerie and sexy looking beauties. I’m frequently tantalized by the sheer display of slick cuties and their hot features; the nipples, the boobs, the bums, the eyes, the lips and their demeanor. The site is tuned up for mobile access and offers great experience in browsing for other mobile devices including tablets. There are no bonuses or even live cam sessions for users but you certainly get sufficient exclusive content for entertainment for hours on end. Even though you cannot stream the videos directly on the site, there is a peek view streamed on trailer. If you wish to enjoy the HD videos, you need to download them to your device. It is fairly easy to download the videos and photos. Although the site does not have a search tool; their captions are tagged with active links that take you to the action zones of your choice. There is a drop down menu with various categories on the landing page to help you figure out the content underneath. Although you will have to spend a little more time sifting across the pages, the loading speed is remarkable.

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Limited Audience Contents

The girls are pretty. They dress in trendy fashion minis and lingerie. They pose and wriggle in captivity with such softness that makes you want to fuck them too. I loved the way their nails are manicured and pedicure. The long nails sporting sexy purple, pink and black nail polish ad to the sparkling beauty. The dominant partners are enthralled by the acts of their captives. They tie them up and whip them in some instances. I remember with sensual nostalgia, the girls tied up on trees in the wild by their captors. They are dressed in free flowing dresses that reveal only a little of their back skin. They look so holy; they could have been angels. Note that you won’t view any overtly nude models or fucking scenes. You get to see some of the girls dressed up in ancient regalia trying to free themselves from chains and straps. There are scenes featuring the dominant partners donning police uniform and subverting their subjects as they tie them up in cuffs and straps facing the ground. The subjects seem to enjoy every moment of it. There is sufficient content to savor on this site. Each of the models on the site is given a chance to appear in at least one scene in the gallery. However, most of the display is in the videos. The shoots are well done. There is a slight tale-tale indication of amateurish video processing in some scenes but the overall impression is consistently great. All the videos are presented in HD. The videos come in short playback fashions of 4 minutes each. You get over 600 scenes to savor. There are 1225 photo sets available with each set consisting of 40 pics. I only wish they had separated the photos from the videos, but then again, that could be my personal craving. The videos are in MP4 and WMV downloadable formats.




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