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My POV GF Overview

Was sex created for a reason? No! Reproduction isn’t the only reason. If that was it then sex certainly wouldn’t be so enjoyable. And we all love to have sex, don’t we? And with all the sex that we love to have, we obviously don’t get to have it all the time if we don’t have girlfriends or wives or even then really. And even if we do get to have sex regularly, we still want to have some alone time with our cock where we masturbate and give it a pleasure.

When we start talking about masturbation, porn obviously falls in the same space as that. We all love to watch porn when we masturbate. But after the initial novelty of the all the overdone porn has passed, where all the porn stars have excessive makeup, weird nails, and fake boobs, you realize that you are looking for something more real. You obviously want to watch sex that emulates what you do when you have sex with your partnerYou don’t want to see fake scripts and women fake moaning. You wish there were some fresh, new faces in the picture. Girls that were maybe amateurs, who didn’t have the airs of porn stars, but rather that of those people who maybe lived next door.
And what if there was porn available which made you feel like she was sucking on your dick, or riding on your cock instead? There is such a website called as MyPOVGF which gives you all of this and more. It is an amalgamation of the two genres that is POV and amateur homemade porn. And if you love watching porn, then you will beyond love this, as this is an experience unlike any other. AmaLand Network is known to provide you with stuff that you can only dream of. It is a very famous adult entertainment group that specializes in amateur porn and all the diversities that come with it. So, they know what you are looking for, and they provide with content that is outstanding. Well the POV is something unheard of, isn’t it? It is an abbreviation of the point of view. What they basically mean is that these videos are shot from the boyfriend’s point of view.
So, if you were to view the video then you will be able to experience what the camera man see through his eyes. So, when she is crouching down on the camera giving a good blowjob, you will feel like she is blowing you. We’ve caught your attention, haven’t we? Read on to know more.

My POV GF Features

One of the things that I personally love about websites is the way these websites are organized. I hate it when websites try to put too many things in one place and clutter it all up. Most porn sites that you do visit have this exact quality about them. They tend to be all over the place and quite garish in my opinion. I was surprised when I entered this website.

This website is as clean as a surgeon’s OPD could be. They have put some thought into it and I guess they came up with the minimalistic theme of this website. It is very organized and makes visiting the website an absolute pleasure. All that they have done is placed all their content that is all the videos in the form of thumbnails. These thumbnails have pictures, which give you a peek of what is there in the video, it also has the download button. The thumbnail also has a feature where the time duration of the video is mentioned on the bottom left corner.

The colors used in this website are subtle and classic. The color gray has been used predominantly as the background color. All the content is on this background. On the top, where the heading area is, the color used is black. On the top left is the MyPOVGF logo that has colors like fluorescent green and fluorescent orange.

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My POV GF Contents

The porn reviews are nothing without the girl talk. And by that, we mean the girls in the porn videos. MyPOVGF has brought to you content that will make you cock throb with pleasure. We were so excited after we scoured through the website. The girls that MyPOVGF has managed to rope in, are truly flabbergasting. This website has brought out all the hottest, sluttiest amateur girls that they have in their kitty. These girls have beautiful firm, perky tits like ice cream mounds, which melt into your mouth, and you would probably want to keep licking and sucking on those boobs all night long. They have pussies so tight that you will see the struggle that the massive cocks have, but once they are in, the momentum at which they race through and go at it will blow your mind.

The best part about these videos is that all of them are POV, which means that you get to cum all over her face as you see her kneeling at your feet giving you the best blowjob you have ever experienced. These girls aren’t porn stars they are just regular girls who love to fuck and star in homemade videos and love their little ride to fame. So, they have porn star vibes around them. The experience is as real to a girlfriend as it can ever get without all the fighting and war!
All the newer videos, which are most of them, are in full high definition. You can either stream them online on the embedded flash player or you can download them in mp4 format. In total, they have over 550 videos and over 855 photo sets. Each photo set has around 30 pictures. You can either view these pictures or you can download them in a zip format. There are lots of updates happening on this website all the time.


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