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Boys DP is one of those websites which simply does not leave anything to your imagination. The name suggests double penetration and that is exactly what you get at the website. The performers have some of the best uncut cocks you will ever see and they indulge in some horny and nasty double penetration action. The smooth cocks easily slide into the right places to amazing effect. The guys are all fresh and they have not only amazing cocks but also great ripped bodies that will swoon you over. Most of the models are slender and muscular, but you will also find ones that have amazing muscles to die for. They not only have good bodies but also have charming faces to leave you staring at them all the time. And as the name suggests, double penetration requires three men – so every video that you see is a threesome! Every scene has parts dedicated to double penetration and you will have a hard time waiting for the latest videos to come out every week. The website has some of the best fucking action you will see and to top it off, all of it is hardcore! The gay sex is just amazing and you will love seeing guys rub each other’s dicks on themselves and jizz loads of cum. Seeing the models take cumloads on their faces will surely turn you on and pretty much all of the videos have exciting stuff that ends up getting a bit messy. They suck each other’s dicks and let their balls bounce around. Everything is captured up close so you do not miss out on any detail. There are 10 high quality videos that have been added to the catalogue so far and you can download all of them to your PC or mobile device without having to worry about any kind of licensing issues. The videos are available in multiple resolutions to ensure everyone can play them and get the optimal resolution based on their internet connection. The maximum resolution of any video is 1280×720 HD. There are no Full HD videos on offer. The HD videos are very crisp and clear and you do not have to worry about any kind of stretching or distortion. Most of the videos seem to have been recorded on handheld cameras and there is a distinct lack of professionalism in the videos. The catalog has not been updated since November 2014 and updates are not too frequent. You will find the occasional update with a couple of videos every now and then but for the most part you will have to rely on what’s already on offer. The videos that are already available for download are actually quite good so if you are fine with getting limited videos and want only select but high quality porn scenes then Boys DP is a fine website for your needs.

Boys DP Features

One of the best things about the website is the user interface. You will have an easy time navigating through the videos as all of them have been nicely categorized into separate tabs. The navigation is extremely simple and once you sign up for an account you will be given an automated guided tour which will allow you to understand the features and how to use the website. You can also search for videos using the model names. Considering there are only 10 videos to choose from you will hardly spend any time searching for videos. Some of the videos go up to 720p resolution and are crisp and clear. The audio quality is excellent while the video quality leaves much to be desired considering how they have been recorded with normal cameras. You can download the videos in a range of formats to your PC or to any portable device. The videos are quite smooth and you will not have any difficulties playing them if you have a stable internet connection. Some of the clips are 480p while others are 720p. You also get access to picture sets that you can download to your PC. You can browse through all of the pictures hands free using a slideshow feature and you also have the ability to download them all at once through zip files which you can decompress on your computer to access the files.

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Boys DP Contents

Boys DP is home to not only some of the hottest men you will ever see but also some of the best quality videos that have ever been made in the world of gay porn. There are only 10 videos in the video library and the last time the content was updated, it was November 2010! Most of the videos are quite old but at least they are in HD. The videos have some of the best action you will find on any site with some great cock sucking, licking and ejaculations. Other than the videos you will also get access to a range of photos which have a hands free slideshow feature to fap away to glory without getting your keyboard dirty. Overall the quality of the videos is good but the website fails miserably when it comes to quantity. With only 10 videos you will run out of stuff to see in a matter of days. The only positive about the website is the stories that are published which are quite good. The DVD library might be limiting but there will be updates over time. One of the biggest downsides of the website is that you need to buy credits to be able to use the video chat features. The video chat is the only feature that the website owners have kept running over the years and you will have a blast meeting strangers and have some naughty fun but the charges are not included in the membership package and you need to get them separately.



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