Hanna’s Honey Pot

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Hanna’s Honey Pot Overview

Solo porn never ceases to amaze, not with such blonde beauties as Hannah at the helm of the content. Hanna’s Honey Pot is the making of a beautiful slut with a deep love for licking, fisting, fingering, and dual to trio romps only reserved for the ladies. The guys can take a backseat here for a while. Worry not, however, there is good quality content that Hannah offers. The content touches a little bit of hardcore lesbian encounters to more soft-core kissing scenes deserving to the sensual porn disciple. This blonde is hot and surely takes a lot of the scenes to herself and her gratification.

Hanna’s Honey Pot Features

Hannah’s Honey Pot looks exactly like what you would be expecting of a ladies lounge. Bright colors and plushness as you log right in. The menus are beautiful and take on a bright pink hue. They are not only beautiful but also convenient to make out where you need to move next. The white uppercase fonts are easy to read and click. 

The rest of the site is clearly organized, apart from a few ads that seem to steal the show from the raunchy girls you find on the site. Embedded snippets come with ratings, timestamp, model name, and title as a preview of the goodies that lie beneath. Catching a video is as beautiful as it comes and you can easily tweak resolution and window size. There is informative content below that sort of explains the scene in detail. It may not be necessary but definitely, adds value to the whole setup.

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Hanna’s Honey Pot Contents

Scenes come in different fashions even though Hannah plays the ever-present protagonist. Her pink nipples, beautifully done blond hair and a nubile body are perfect for girl-on-girl romps. The scene of Wendy picking Hannah up, and they getting down to a 69 position to chew on each other’s cookie with their heads buried in their crouches, is therapeutic. Most definitely you would not be resisting as you witness your hands slide down to your zip from the heat these bitches exude

Fellow fuck mates include Andy, Mae, Lilly, and Kamille among 140 more. They look gorgeous and never retire from giving each other wet pussy pleasures. They seem to love hard-fisting one another after a thorough sucking session. If they all get horny, then they congregate in twos or threes for major mutual enticements
The 160 or so videos that the site offers members look professionally done. Thanks to these experts 1020 x 780 (HD) is the norm within Hanna’s Honey Pot. However, don’t feel restricted. You could lower the resolution to fit your portable device in case you are not glued to your PC or TV. If you are running on a low bandwidth network, then there is some good news for you. The videos have been segmented and therefore you are able to download scene after another without the usual network hiccup. If not, simply stick with streaming which happens to be in HD as well. To wrap up, there are pictures for you in high res (2000 x 1333) that you can zip and download anytime


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