Safari Sex

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Safari Sex Overview

SafariSex is an adult entertainment site that shows how a vacation can turn into a sex trip, a bunch of German tourists explores the wilderness and the jungles of the Safari and as well as the bodies of the female locals. They not only have sex scenes between the tourists and the locals but they also have videos of the African Americans engaging in orgies, threesomes, outdoor sex, indoor sex and party sex. With SafariSex you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the erotic sex at the same time.

Safari Sex Features

SafariSex was created in 2005 and is powered by ExtremeMoviePass, the site has high-resolution pictures that are made into a slideshow and it showcases what those ebonies can do with their mouths; some pictures show them sucking the cock of a tourist at the back of a jeep, or them engaging in outdoor sex with the tourist or an orgy with the locals. The site has about 54 high definition movies that run for about 20 to 40 minutes, all of the movies can be downloaded and can be transferred to any device like Android phones, Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, and more, they also have a user-friendly mobile version that can be accessed through your phone or tablet, or you can stream the videos through your desktop computer. 

They have about 7 categories that you can select from, they are African, Amateur, Anal, BBW, big breast, big butts and big cocks, all of the contents are updated regularly. You can also sign up for their newsletter so that you can immediately receive updates through your email, and if you have any questions or inquiries regarding your subscription you can call their customer service hotline that is available 24/7, the link can be located at the bottom part of the page.

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Safari Sex Contents

SafariSex features threesomes between the locals and the tourists, in one video it showed a threesome between two African American women and a German tourist: the video started with the two women making out in a bed, as they kissed passionately they also rubbed and squeezed each other’s breasts. They both took their tops off and they sucked and licked each other’s nipples, the woman with the curly hair rubbed the pussy of the other woman, she then took her panties off and she went down on her, licking her pussy and sucking her clit. They switched places and the woman who was previously at the bottom did the same to the curly hair one, she licked her and slowly inserted her pointer finger into her, when she got the curly haired woman’s pussy to loosen up she inserted another one.

They switched places again and they rubbed each other’s pussies making the both of them moan out of pure pleasure; after a few minutes of lesbian action a German man came and joined them on the bed, he lifted the other woman’s head and started kissing her passionately, while the two women were still rubbing their pussies together. While they were kissing, the woman on top sucked the nipples of the woman at the bottom; the man then took his pants off and inserted his cock into the mouth of the woman at the bottom, making her blow him while she was rubbing her pussy with the woman on top of her. The woman on top then took the cock from the other woman’s mouth and placed it on her own mouth; she gave him a blowjob while the woman at the bottom sucked his balls, he then laid on the bed sideways as the woman at the bottom continued sucking his cock while he reached out to the woman on top and sucked her tits while fingering her.

After giving him a blowjob the woman at the bottom made the man lay on his back as she rode him like a bull, while the other woman kissed him and made him continue sucking her breasts, the woman who was riding him went faster and faster making the man groan and moan. The other woman then took over and rode the man’s cock as well, while the woman who was just done enjoying herself with his man meat sucked and licked his nipples while fingering herself. After the cock riding the two women were back once again with their lesbian action as the curly haired woman ate the other woman out as the German man jerked off at the sight, from time to time he would make the two of them sucking his dick or sometimes make them suck his cock at the same time before he goes back into playing with it. He made the curly haired woman lay down as he fucked her, thrusting his hips as fast as he can into her while the other woman was busy sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts; after he was done with the curly haired woman he took the other one by the arm and made them switch places as he fucked her too as hard as he did with the other one, who was by then busy pleasuring herself.

The video then ended with the both of them giving him a blowjob at the same time and not only did they share the cock but they also shared the cum that he shot at them. 


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