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Dirty Orientals Overview

What is here is Oriental girls, namely Thai girls, who are performing some of the dirtiest sexual depravities possible, and it’s all here for you! So what do we mean by dirty sexual depravities? Well, these girls will give blowjobs, get it up the ass, perform lesbian acts, lick assholes, utilize a plethora of toys, suck on toes, as well as have sex with multiple partners at one time. To say that these are depravities is an absolute understatement.

So, one might wonder what these girls look like? To be sincere, they are all definitely good looking, and in fact appear to have been hand-picked. Just as most Orientals, they also appear inscrutable and very serious even about the sex acts they do. They are all Asian hotties who remain rather quiet during all of these sexual forays, but that is because they do not speak English, and apparently it has been known to them that these videos are going to be shown to English speaking countries. The fact that this network is renowned for using Eastern European models 90% of the time, makes us believe that we are correct in our assumption. These Asian delights are quite tasty to put it gently, and we find that they are quite capable of making our manhood rise to the occasion each and every time.
Everything here is definitely XXX rated, unlike some Oriental porn you may have seen. Some of those use blurring on the lady parts that will positively drive you nuts, but here everything is shown, and in fact the videography and photography pick up every nuance of their bodies including any hairs found in the wrong places, which is certainly not common with Orientals! It is interesting that because they cannot speak, their faces are all so much more expressive due to it. For example eyes bulge, and they make more grimaces than they probably would usually make. To some it may seem like so much over acting, but to us it emphasized how wondrous these minute Oriental girls felt at being fucked so hard for example. True hardcore porn using Orientals is rare, thus these are quite a find!

Dirty Orientals Features

Physically the Oriental women are definitely of interest. You see they are as always minutely sized, but what was interesting was that some had pretty large tits, while most were miniscule. And then we loved that some of them were actually hairy, and then some of them were well shaved. We feel that they are all absolutely delicious looking. Let’s put it this way they are all very sexy sluts. The thing that we really like about Oriental girls is that they are just so exotic.

You will definitely see some solo stuff, and unlike a lot of the Oriental stuff you usually see, there are a few videos that cover some BDSM stuff. It’s all very light, and none of it is going to shock you even if you have no interest in BDSM. Let’s put it this way, if you recently saw 50 Shades of Grey, this will seem absolutely tame to you. However it was nice to see something different for a change. In order to make up for the lack of dialogue, some of their videos utilize music to back up the delicious moans and groans that the Oriental ladies are doing. We thought it a nice addition, and it was in no way distracting either. You should enjoy the montage of music along with groans.

We also loved that all of these girls appear to be amateurs as opposed to professional models. For some reason we found that this helped us to achieve erections while the site played. While Asian girls are beautifulin general and they have good insides, it was interesting that they paired the most diminutive girls with the largest cocks. That made for more exciting videos for sure!

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Dirty Orientals Contents

When we found out that this site is being networked by the 21 Sextury Network we were even more interested than we would normally be. First of all this Network is renowned for always producing some high quality videos and carrying some hellaciously gorgeous pictures as well, as they too are all incredibly great quality photos. Not only is this network one that promises high quality, but it also is known for being very good at putting out daily updates. In addition, their videos are Hi Definition ones which shows that they definitely put out good quality.

The other thing you should know is that their downloads are all high speed. Now comes the piece de resistance. 21 Sextury Network wishes to make the experience of looking at their videos to be quite remarkable. Thus what they have done is to give each member free entry into all 41 of their fabulous sex sites. That includes some amazing porn winners such as Blue Angel Live, Anal Queen Alysa, Asshole Fever, Cheating Whore Wives, and even Club Sandy which many consider one of this network’s best work.



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