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Enchantae Overview

Enchantae is a porn comic that revolves around a story about an ancient fictional empire with lots of hardcore sex happening between prince, princesses, peasants as well as the main characters Neka and Peka. The content is exclusive and is mainly images in the form of comic panels. You can access the exclusive content for a fairly priced monthly fee.

Enchantae Features

The main template is catchy thanks to its minimalist design. It is artistic and easy on the eye. Everything is easy to locate thanks to the menu panel that is on the right of the page and artistically done. There is no issue with loading of the images. Browsing through the site is easy. The members’ area has a template with very few distinct elements. This makes it user friendly and easy to find the episodes and images you’re looking for. The episodes are dated and the most recent page is conspicuously at the top of the form of a large preview. You can find older episodes of the comic by going down the list of posts. When you load an episode, the site loads a full colour page. The navigation is straightforward; simply click on the next or previous button at the bottom of the page. Each episode has about 12 full colour pages. There are more than 110 episodes and counting. There is a new episode each month and all the episodes are divided into four parts. Each of these parts is uploaded onto the members’ area weekly. You can view the comic as a single large panel or multiple panels in the same window. You can also choose between Spanish and English, as all the episodes have been done in both languages.

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Enchantae Contents

The style of the comic is unique. It combines modern day anime style with vintage American caricature. It is probably designed to appeal to everyone since a number of people may not find hentai type of comics that erotic. The artist is Jordi Bayarri and has been drawing these comics since 2007. The fact that the comic is done by one artist ensures that the graphics remain consistent throughout. Enchantae is about an ancient kingdom and incorporates some considerable amount of erotic mysticism in its story. This sets the scene for multiple scenarios and story lines as you move from one episode to the next. There are elfs, aliens, princes, princesses and peasants all over the kingdom. The main characters are Neka and Peka. The two are wandering around clueless as they search for a special amulet. Peka, who is Neka’s companion, is the hornier one of the two. Peka is more focused but both of them end up exchanging sexual favours with the various people they meet in the kingdom. Sometimes they have to perform blowjobs for merchants and royalty. At other times they need clues that they can get from poor farmers and hardocore sex is always their key to getting the peasants to give them the information they need. There are also other characters in the scene that take over from time to time. They also engage in a lot of hardcore sex scenes. There are FFM, MMF, group sex and femdom play. In others the women have to let multiple men penetrate all their holes, as they find themselves in tricky situations in their quest to find that special amulet.



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