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YoungStacey Overview

Now, this is a solo site you should certainly check. This girl puts on a great show, and she shows off her amazing body in front of the camera. If this isn’t enough, Stacey is a wild chick, and she is always eager to take on a hard cock, so you can expect here some hardcore stuff too. Not just posing and teasing, but she masturbates, sucks and fucks while she also performs some fetishist things too. 

It’s not an old site, and though it has a big company behind it, nowadays, the YoungStacey seems to be a frozen page. There are dates on the content pages, and they show recent updates, but neither the quality nor the counts are supporting this, and we feel safe to say that actually no new content arrives to this site. However, it’s quite certain that you will find here a neat collection, and the bonuses will surely keep you entertained for a few months. 
This portal is part of a larger network, which offers you more solo content. The scenes here cover all types of things, but they will prove to be satisfying enough for men who like softcore material and cute girls’ modeling pictures and flicks. There are about two dozens of porn pages included, and some are offer only softcore content, there are also wilder sites like the YoungStacey. These portals don’t really update just as the topic of our review, but the overall count of videos and photos you gain access to is really great. 
In case you like the girls, you might come to the chance to enjoy them live on the included live cam show feeds, and while are there, browsing through the bonuses, you should also check the video feeds for more extras.

YoungStacey Features

As you might expect, there isn’t too much to see in tour mode. This trend is going to turn people away from porn, because it wouldn’t be too hard place short clip on the home page somewhere, thus providing some actual insight for the humble visitor. The only things you can actually find here are photos of this hot girl, and that might prove to be enough. In case you want to take a peek on the bonus sites, there is a link to a pop-up list on the bottom of the page. 

Joining is easy, and once you are done with it, you can start exploring the site. Navigation isn’t a problem, everything is placed in a way that will make it really easy. A menu on the top features the links of the bonuses, while on the left dozens of quick-links are featured to stuff like the most viewed, recently viewed content, or to your favorites. 

Every content is available online, and they are also downloadable. The videos are streamed in MP4 format, while the pictures could be viewed in a simple page-by-page form. Downloadable MP4 files are also offered, and as far as the photos are concerned, you can save every set in zip format. The tour page isn’t mobile ready, but it seems that the inner section is optimized, so you can browse the content easily.

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YoungStacey Contents

These home-made looking porn videos of this girl called Stacey are quite satisfying. You can see on this site as the girl in its name is going through a lot of self-satisfying sessions, and in a scene she even takes on a cock too. Stacey is probably about 25-28 years old nowadays, and these videos were shot about 4-5 years ago, so she was pretty fresh back then. She looks really hot on these videos, and you will find that this Caucasian girl is one you might like. There is no model information on the site, and unfortunately, she doesn’t even say a word in her videos, so you can’t even get an idea how she actually looks like.

It’s okay, you can see her body, but there is more about her, and for a full fantasy, some guys just need to know more. When this hottie gets on with her show, you will surely like it, especially if you prefer your girls natural, yet wild. Stacey has some tattoos on her, and it’s a fun game to watch all scenes just to explore them all. She works solo on this site’s videos, but in at least one video, she gets a cock to suck; apart from that, it’s all solo action. If you are interested in sites like this one, the ones the network provides to you are warmly recommended. 
There are about 27 scenes here, and they are usually in the 5-15 minutes long range. None of them is under five minutes, but also hardly any of them is longer than 15. So, there is one video when Stacey sucks a cock – this one is exciting, and it ends with a facial cumshot. In fact, getting the facial was the main goal of this video. Apart from this, the majority of the videos feature solo action: she strips and masturbates. Now, Stacey is a bit kinkier than the others. For example in one video she puts a ball in her mouth, puts a cuff on her hands, and masturbates while she is gagged and cuffed. Sexy, and quite fun to watch.
In other videos she just fucks herself with a dildo or with her fingers until she cums hard. It seems that she isn’t a squirting one, but she has some quite intense orgasms. Also, we advise you to check the photo galleries, there are many standalone sets of HQ photos of this hot girl.

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