Fake Shooting

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Fake Shooting Overview

Fake Shooting videos are set inside a modeling studio where hot European chicks are auditioning for jobs. The girls are filmed and interviewed and end up having to fuck the cameraman in the hopes of landing a contract. Unfortunately for them, the jobs never come through, but luckily for subscribers of Fake Shooting, the results are posted weekly on their website for your viewing pleasure.

Fake Shooting Features

The site lists the beautiful Eastern European models in thumbnails, showing their name and age. The colors used on the site are warm tones of pink and peach, making the site feel warm and easy on the eye. There is a black top menu bar, allowing for the easy navigation of the site, leading the user to the various video categories.

The site has clearly been developed by professionals, and there are plenty of useful features to optimize the usersbrowsing experience. There is an advanced search feature, allowing the user to filter through the content, earmarked by the tagging system. All of the content that is currently available on Fake Shooting is exclusive to the MMP network of which it is a member. Fake Shooting is entirely a video-based porn site, currently without picture galleries.

Currently, the site lacks the notable features of other large porn sites such as a model index, and a lack of subtitles than can be found on other foreign porn sites, but with the regular updates, these can be hopefully implemented in upcoming developments.

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Fake Shooting Contents

All of the videos on the site follow a similar premise – that the girls are coming to audition for a modeling role. However, the girls don’t realize that they will have to go above and beyond in this interview to impress in the hopes of getting their dream job. The beautiful Eastern European girls get on their knees and suck cock, they are bent over the desk and fucked hard like the sluts they are. They give excellent performances, and the results are posted online at Fake Shooting for the members to enjoy. These sluts don’t realize that they aren’t getting a callback, and they are being exposed as whores online.

There are 62 audition tapes currently available on Fake Shooting, all running for approximately half an hour, and available to stream and download. There are optional standard and 1080p High Definition clarity for both streaming and downloading. The videos can be streamed in a browser with Flash and downloaded in MP4 format. There is no download limit on the site, so users can save their favorite scenes to watch again and again. The site promises regular, weekly updates to the site, including new videos as well as optimization improvements for the members.

The MMP Network owns 7 exclusive porn sites, and the other 6 are included in membership with Fake Shooting, with the MMP All Access Pass. Sites like My First Time, Shoot Yourself and POV Bitch are freely given to members of Fake Shooting.



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