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Granted we are here for the videos and the pictures, however we just had to find out what this site was going to be about, and besides we hate to open a page and not be able to read it, thus we asked that the page be translated. When it was translated we were not surprised to read that it contained a rather lengthy warning about this site being an adult only site, and to not let any non-adult see it. In addition it went on about the fact that the site held lesbian pictures and that the site was all about Denmark’s most beautiful models making it with each other.

Now, we certainly were looking forward to seeing all of this and in fact certainly did not mind that it was in Danish at all. Further they explained how all these girls were actually girlfriends who just happened to dig each other, and that this was why they wanted to explore each other and admire each other’s tight bodies. It went on about how they enjoyed each other’s pussies too, and all we could do was downright salivate at this point. Again they remind you that if you are not seeking porn to just leave, but otherwise to press enter. We hastened to press enter, but as the page went away we noted that even these Danish folks were into RTA as well as ASACP both of which were utilized to work against non-adult seeing porn. That made us smile for sure.


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As soon as we entered the actual site, I was totally sure of myself that we were going to have one hell of a time. There are just under 19 pictures to look at as soon as the site opens. We were absolutely struck by the really sexy pictures there, for each one showed one lesbian absolutely pleasing another with their fingers, hands and tongue. The close ups were close enough that one could easily discern that the one’s tongue was licking a very erect clit. Then there were some who were utilizing dildos going in and out some of the most beautiful pussies imaginable.

A banner reminded us that they felt they were Denmark’s very first exclusive lesbian site that had 100% Danish amateur girls. Wow, now this was going to be one great sex site for sure. Another banner proclaimed that these Danish lesbians were actually caught for the very first time on camera. At this stage, the pictures got bigger and if you can believe it, they actually got better. We were downright ecstatic.

What can one say about lesbian sex? To say that it is different than when a man and a woman have sex is quite true, and in fact there really is not comparison to be made between the two. Lesbian sex is gentle to a point, and generally it is very sensuous. Great care is taken for the two women to not miss any portions of the other’s body and while in the experimental stage, they seem to enjoy touching each other firmly enough to heighten the experience for both yet the women seem to somehow be holding back to something or other

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Such a question seems to be incapable of being answered at first. One looks at the make up of the women to look for differences, and in fact can really find no differences, but something is undeniably different. One looks at them physically. They are all beautiful, and they all seem to be the epitome of Danish or even American Women.

Again, there is no discernible difference in them in the physical side. Yet, in watching them we find ourselves aroused doubly as compared to watching two American women making lesbian love. We did note that their coloring is not quite the same for they are all lighter and perhaps a bit more delicate than the American lesbians. Nor can we say that their mannerisms are in any way different either. Making lesbian love is making lesbian love thus none of the loving in this site could possibly be different in any manner. We finally gave up in trying to figure out what made these women any different than any other lesbian site for it seemed as if we were not ever going to figure it out. Then it hit us what the difference truly was. These women were proud of being lesbians, and they absolutely showed no shyness in showing us what they loved doing to each other.

Sex videos of other country’s lesbians, including those in the United States did not have that secure feeling that they were absolutely proud of being lesbians and no one and nothing was ever going to be in their way. Feeling as though we had finally found the difference between Danish lesbians and perhaps American lesbians was certainly satisfying, but now we wanted to prove it to ourselves. We once more opened up American videos that featured amazingly gorgeous lesbians who were making love with each other. It was almost as if they were thinking that their love ought to be under the sheets or something. Then we played the videos from this Sex Veninder and now that we knew what we were looking for it was completely evident.

The total pride shone in their eyes in almost indescribable manners. It just shone and they were not even remotely shy to show us what they were doing with each other.


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