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Reality Kings Overview

Reality Kings is one of the porn world’s most famous sites. I haven’t watched anything on it before. And I’ve heard of it. This is a testament to the reputation of Reality Kings. Indisputably one of the internet’s best paid porn sites. Not that I know anything about porn. Nope, not me. I’m a God fearing Catholic boy. Most of you aren’t. Most of you appreciate the fine aesthetics of the female body. So if I were you, I’d dive right into Reality Kings.

There is plenty to offer. And it’s one of the best paid porn sites I’ve ever seen. Stick with me and read below because you’re going to love what you read. You’ll adore it, and sign up then and there as a valued member of the Reality Kings community.

Reality Kings Features

Reality Kings lives up to its name. Especially the word “king” that comes right after “reality”. I pinpointed this for the grammatically challenged. I hope it serves as a guiding point. The quality of the videos is stellar; in outer space, it would be classified as interstellar. Each video is shot in stunning HD. The details come out. The colors are immaculate; each shade, hue, and gradient are a Reality Kings showcase. And it doesn’t ignore the human element.

The pornstars curves, tits, asses, and ass blotches and pimples are right out there in the open. You can see everything. If you look really close, you can see Waldo. He works for Reality Kings now and you’ll never have to find him because he provides only the highest quality videos. There are 6000+ girls and countless scenes. So you’ll never run out of content.

Membership is amazing. Reality Kings gives you several options. So that you can pick the membership plan that best serves your needs. The best deal is the exclusive 12 month plan. Reality Kings really values you and your membership so they’re offering $7.95 a month if you get the exclusive 12 month plan. This is astounding. It’s a saving of 70%. That’s right. 70%. You can pay by credit card, check, and even by phone. I guess the check and credit card options are sort of an inside joke. Just imagine making a check out to Reality Kings. You’d have to lie and say it’s for the plumbing service you recently had done. The phone call I’d imagine is awkward. But if you can stand the awkwardness and possible ridicule, then Reality Kings is definitely for you.

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Reality Kings Contents

Reality Kings is one of the best paid adult sites where to find HD porn videos. With a sleek design and easy accessibility and a breakdown of categories, it’s a porn lover’s dream come true. Reality Kings is also a mega deal. It comes with a network of 38 bonus sites. 8th Street Latinas, Big Naturals, Dare Dorm, Foreplay, Cum Fiesta (Much better than cum siesta), CrazyAsianGFs and so many more. My favorite is Round and Brown, which sounds like a chocolate covered raisin but it’s not. You’ll have to see for yourself. Along with seeing for yourself the 38 additional sites that Reality Kings has to offer.

With 6000+ girls and tons upon tons of scenes, it’s a smorgasbord of naked chicks. Anything you want is at your command. Reality Kings has categorized particular fetishes in alphabetical order. There’s cameltoe, MILFs, Boats, Yachts, Dildos, Ebony, and schooners. This is just a hint of everything that Reality Kings has to offer. In case you want a preview of things to come (Ha, I said “come” again in a porn review), the front page has plenty of teasers for you to enjoy.
You’ll see chicks taking a heated yoga class as the instructor (a male, who else?) accidentally lets his dong out of his shorts. The dong hangs there and swings back and forth like a throbbing pendulum. The girls go for it. And it gets hot. Then there’s hot girl on girl action. Usually involving a pillow fight that escalates into a giant black dildo session. I’d love to go to one of these sleepovers. But the girls never invite me. It’s unfair but at least you and I get to see what they’re up to. Along with so many other girls. 6000+ remember? Reality Kings is a great place to be.


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  • month: $29.95

    trial: $1.00
    year: $7.95/mo
  • month: $30.50
    trial: $1.95
    year: $13.50/mo
  • month: $30.50
    trial: $1.95
    year: $13.50/mo

    month: $29.99

    trial: $1.00
    year: $9.99/mo
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