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Nuru Massage Overview

Whenever you feel stressed out, the best way to release this stress is to go for a great massage. Visiting a massage parlor or calling a masseuse to the comfort of your home can give you the required environment to reduce your stress. Most massages involve the use of an aromatic massage oil applied on specific areas of your body that help you release stress, such as the head and temple, back, arms, legs, and feet. All your private parts and erogenous zones are covered so that you are not inconvenienced. 

However, there is a type of massage where nudity is the norm, and the massage is given by rubbing each others’ bodies, including pussies, dicks, and breasts. This type of massage is called Nuru massage and involves the use of a special kind of slippery oil called Nuru gel. 
NuruMassage is a porn site that offers you the pleasure of watching such porn and it makes for a great foreplay too. All Nuru massage sessions end up with insane sex between the porn stars. Nuru massage is different from regular massage because the session starts with a shower. There are eroticism and intimacy from the very beginning. Given that the massage session requires both masseuse and client to be naked, there must be a level of comfort between the two individuals. Apart from bathing the client in the shower, the masseuse’ main job is to massage the dick, first with soap and then with Nuru gel. 

Are you getting turned on by this description? Probably yes, and I believe you will be if you get to sign up to this site. But before signing up, it will be a good thing if you read this review. We have critically analyzed this site for your benefit, covering points such as the design & features and girls & videos of the site. At the end of this review, you will subscribe to this site and enjoy it for a long time to come.

Nuru Massage Features

A good site design needs to get you into the mood and provide you with the ambiance to focus only on the porn. Many sites have a bright design, with white being the predominant colour. This site, however, has taken a radically different approach and used black and cyan as the background colours. With 1080p HD quality video thumbnails and pictures of the porn stars and videos, you have all the time to focus on the porn. 

Signing up to this site allows you to watch more than 400 videos and pictures and over 250 porn stars. The site is divided into the header section, footer section, and the main section. All videos, pictures, and photos of porn stars can be found in the main section. You will find a subsection on upcoming Nuru massage porn videos. 

By far the best and most unique feature of this website is the “Submit A Fantasy.” This will bring out your creative side. When you submit your fantasy Nuru massage porn video, it will be shared among the user forum for a round of voting. If your fantasy is liked by the users, it will be converted to the next video of the site. Furthermore, your favorite porn star will also give you a special shout-out. 

The header section has a black background, with the NuruMassage banner towards the left. The rest of this section has a slideshow of the partner sites and why you should join NuruMassage. At the bottom of the header, you will find tabs to take you to different parts of the site. Apart from the tour page, you will find tabs to the videos, pictures and pornstars, in addition to the bonus sites that you will get access to. 

Towards the right end of the tabs, you have the member login drop down box and a bright yellow Join Now button. The video array can be customized and you can view them with details, without details or as a list. By default, the videos are arranged in a grid format with the title, likes and dislikes, comments and the porn stars featured in the video. You can also sort the videos according to their uploaded dates, highest rated or most viewed.

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Nuru Massage Contents

Massage porn has a level of intimacy and eroticism that cannot be seen in any other kind of massage porn. In the case of Nuru massage, though, there is a formula for the massage porn, there is something very attractive about this type of massage. 

Nuru Massage starts with a sensuous shower, with the masseuse bathing the stud. In reverse Nuru massage porn, the masseur bathes the bitch in the shower. The shower helps the stud to get into the mood, as the masseuse lathers him, giving special preference to the dick. After the shower, the masseuse slut makes the stud lie down on the massage mat, and applies Nuru gel. The gel makes everything very slippery and massaging with the hand is difficult. So, the masseuse uses her body to massage the stud’s body. She uses her breasts to fuck his dick and then sucks his dick like a pro. This ends with the insane fucking and creampies. 
If the Nuru massage is reverse, then the guy uses his dick to give the slut the erotic massage. Whatever is the case, the massage is intimate, erotic and sensuous. 

Other videos that you will enjoy include lesbian Nuru massage, threesomes (FMF and MFM) and a few foursomes. You will find Latinas, Asians, blondes, redheads, brunettes, amateurs, ebonies, lesbians, bisexuals, big breasted sluts, sluts with shaved pussies, hairy pussies, skinnies, and bootylicious. So, what should you do now? Subscribe, but before you do so, read the conclusion.


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