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BustyAndPetite Overview

Women love to get compliments saying that their physique does not look as old as their age. In the porn industry, the body types that are selling like hot pancakes to most men are those with a slender frame with gigantic breasts. Although this physical characteristic may seem like a cheat sheet for some girls— since their body frames do not look like their actual age— but isn’t this what makes everything more exciting? Sadly, you only happen to cross paths with a few of these types in the streets so if you are one who is wondering where to find a lot of busty and slender girls, then the internet is the right place to start with. BustyPetite is a paid porn site that is part of the Team Skeet network.

Team Skeet network is a large collection of several other porn sites that belong to different niches. To be accurate, there are already more than 21 sites that belong to this network. Some of these are Step Siblings, Titty Attack, Her Freshman Year, POV Life, The Real Workout, This Girl Sucks and Lust HD. Although some of these sites do not have a lot to offer, there are also some that really have a large pool of porn contents so you still have a lot of options to choose from. Moreover, BustyPetite belongs to the Big Boobs and Hardcore Sex Videos niche. It offers high-quality porn videos featuring a lot of the hottest busty porn stars in the industry. Here, expect to see these porn stars going down on other porn stars, giving a blow job, having sex with fortunate male actors and doing threesomes.

But how can you if you’re not yet a member? Well, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot because becoming a member at BustyPetite is as easy as taking your clothes off right before sex. You only have to select the membership period that suits your financial capacity and then pay it through Credit Cards or Online Check. Here are the membership periods that you can pay for: one is the two days trial period which only costs as much as a slice of pizza in New York. Then, there’s the one-month membership. Also, there’s the three months membership, which is paid every month. Lastly, there is the one-year membership which is also paid monthly until the one year worth of subscription ends. Becoming a membership grant you full access to the entire network sites mentioned above.

Also, Team Skeet usually feels generous enough because even though it’s not included in their network, there are some videos that they feature in their contents for free. Aside from these, BustyPetite is also known for its regular weekly updates. And when I say updates, it means massive chunks of photo sets and videos!





BustyAndPetite Features


The website design is very simple. It has a simple layout that’s not too flat and not too boring to look at. Even with its simplicity, it still has some tweaks and features that are needed to make it convenient to use. 


Upon entering the site, you’ll immediately be greeted with a preview of a number of big boobs that you can encounter on the site. There’s about a hundred of these big boobs thumbnail, by the way. The navigation is also well done. And when exploring the page, you won’t necessarily have to go through series of pages since the site only uses a single page where the contents will load while scrolling. It is like a scrolling to a bottomless pool of sexy porn stars


Moreover, the site is accessible in any gadgets that you have may it be a personal computer, a laptop or a mobile device. The videos are crisp and sharp at 1920×1080, the highest resolution that they have for MP4 formats. For windows, they have 1280×720, the most. While for MOV files, the highest you can get is 960×540. Lastly, you can only get 480×272 from the MPEG file formats. The videos can either be downloaded or streamed. If you wish to download it, feel free to do so because there’s no download limit. Flash player or in-browser players are used by the site to allow users to stream their videos which are usually 960×540. In average, these videos are 30 minutes each which are already full-length videos. As you noticed, the resolution varies among different file format but bottom line is that BustyPetite still creates good quality contents. And this is one of the best features of the site— you get what you actually paid for and it’s no other than the contents of the site.





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BustyAndPetite Contents



These steamy 30 minutes videos are where you can find these busty girls getting into action. Seeing the videos, you can tell that the girls are under 5-feettall but with boobs that are much bigger than their heads. When it comes to the performance, you can also tell that these girls are amateur. Probably because of their age and their lack of experience, that’s why. 



However, the way they execute to get the job done is flawless and convincing enough. Here you’ll see videos with a good storyline. The most common yet the most favorite scene is the teacher and chick sex scene where the teacher starts off by doing his usual duties. Then going through the middle of the video, you’ll see the masculine teacher guides his chick to orgasm. Of course, there is also a lot of foreplay in most videos.
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