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Living together with someone is always an interesting, and sometimes hard experience. However, when you are a girl who like eating pussy and your roommate also likes it, it might turn out to be a very satisfying experience. Lesbian sex is an ancient porn niche, and as you may have seen during your exploration of the world of porn, it’s still a popular, top topic. The folks at the Reality Kings headquarters know that there is just simply no future if their network wouldn’t feature at least one lesbian site. And thus, they created the We Live Together, where lesbian and bi-curious porn stars engage in arousing love. All captured in bright environment and high quality. The site is more than twelve years old, so it’s a really long-running series of the Reality Kings, and you will see that all 12 years’ worth of updates are available for streaming and downloading. There is one new video and a matching photo set added every week, and the actual size of the collection matches this frequency: over 620 videos are available here. Fortunately, these are rather long videos, their average length is half an hour, so the already accumulated flicks might keep you busy for a few months (or twelve days if you can watch porn 24/7 without taking any breaks). However, the We Live Together is part of the main Reality Kings network, which means that there is much more hardcore porn for you enjoy. As the biggest reality-porn provider, the Reality Kings takes prides in its videos, which cover various porn niches, including many of the heavier ones and they always feature the hottest and most popular porn starts of the United States. If you enlist for a membership on the We Live Together, you automatically become eligible to browse the full network, excluding the few standalone sites of the studio. To be more precise: you get to browse the collection of 37 differently focused websites, thus your membership makes you eligible to enjoy more than 9,400 hardcore porn videos. There is no sharing or recycled content, and though some sites claim to feature amateur porn, you shall know that it’s reality-porn, so everything is organized, staged, and usually scripted. This also ensures that you can watch only exclusive videos as a member, and these are not flicks you can find anyplace else. Apart from the obvious bonuses there are other extras too, like promotional offers from other sites/network, dating site access and naturally live cams.

We Live Together Features

Strangely, the Reality Kings is a large studio, but it doesn’t really offer any actual insight on the content. That’s why most tour pages of its network feature only large thumbnails, instead of some nice trailers. This is also true for the We Live Together: you can look around the tour page, rest your eyes on the good quality pictures, but that’s all you can do. These thumbnails look really good, and they might just be enough to convince you to join. Naturally, the inner section is much more advanced, and this is probably due to the fact that it’s the hub of the whole Reality Kings Empire. Every video of the network is available, but since you registered through the We Live Together, you can see the videos of this series listed first. Changing the site which videos’ you want to list is easy: you can choose from a dropdown menu, and there is a separate page with the sites. The content is carefully tagged and every scene has a description. Your navigation tools are the following: a basic search engine in the upper right corner; the models’ list; keywords filtering on the updates’ page. You have two options: download the videos or watch them in the browser. The latest will prove to be a good choice if you like to watch porn online, or you want to take a look into the video before saving. The best quality naturally is obtainable through the downloadable files, which – the latest ones usually – offer 1080p resolution in MP4 file format. There are also photos, screen captions for you, however they are not as good as the videos. They still offer a good preview though. The members’ area is available on mobile, so you can enter the alternate reality of the Reality Kings anywhere you like.

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We Live Together Contents

There is a mix of professionals and amateurs on the We Live Together, because you can find here some big-shot reality-porn starlets, just as fresh, new faces to this kind of porn. No matter what party the girls belong, they are all hot, and if you like a mixed repertoire of girls, you will surely appreciate the over 500 cuties the site features. It seems however, that mostly Caucasian girls appear in the videos, so there won’t be any interracial lesbian love. The videos are all studio-shots, and while many of them take place in the great outdoors, all of them are well-lightened and the girl always wear full make-up. This last element is the one that can always help you tell the difference between professional and amateur porn. Every video here is professionally made; both the stars and the crew does an excellent job at the shooting. If you though that one on one lesbian porn is hot enough, just wait until you see the lesbian group sex videos, which are the best described by the made-up word: lick-train. Also, you will surprised how flexible these cute cunts are.

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