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How often do you feel amidst watching your porn video that you want more? Over the course of time, the porn videos we keep watching became so boring and mechanical. It basically turned into mindless fucking. The videos are basically the same with just some different actors in it. Watching a woman get pound over and over and over again can get exhausting to watch. And, what about the men? They are barely ever shown in these porn videos. All you probably end up seeing is their cock majorly, or else their torso. It puts things into perspective and you start to wonder how much more can we keep on seeing this. And another thing is how much of these porn videos are made keeping women in mind. It is a known fact that the largest consumer of porn are men.

So, adult film networks produce porn videos that are specifically make keeping a man’s sexual needs and desires in mind. Very rarely has ever a woman’s sexual needs and desires ever been thought about. So, what do you do if you are looking more than just mindless fucking in a porn video? If you are looking for something equivalent to love making? Well, in that case, your wishes are going to come true, because there is a website showcasing videos exactly like this. And that website is JoyBear.
JoyBear is not your average porn site. It only showcases high-end erotic adult films. This website is created by a very famous London-based production house. They exclusively create content like this. This website was created not just for men, but also for women. Women are not only given preference in the videos that are on JoyBear, men are given an equal amount of preference too. This is a breath of fresh air from what we usually see in the porn industry. Every movie on this website has a story along with it that it follows. You will not only find sex in these videos but also emotions too.
The content on this website is so pro-women that they even received an award for it. JoyBear has won a ‘Good for Her’ Feminist porn award in the year 2013. All these videos on JoyBear will remind you of making love instead of mindless fucking. This is a very exclusive website. In fact, this website has been featured multiple times on Cosmopolitan, Esquire, The Times and CNN. You know if these powerful media houses are talking about an adult film website, then this is some real quality stuff here. And not just that, they have multiple websites over the last few years. How awesome is that, right? Continue reading this review to know more about this website.

Joy Bear Features

Let us give you a fair warning right away, you will fall in love with this website the moment you step foot in it. The website is just beautiful. Everything about it will make you feel very exclusive. And you will not be able to take your eyes off this website. We tried very hard to find some kind of fault on this website or something that we did not like. But there was literally nothing we could pick faults on or even disliked. Everything was just perfect. You will realize right away that they hired an excellent set of designers to create this website as well as spent a hell of a lot of money too. They had a very distinct objective before creating this website and have managed to achieve it very well.

The colors and the fonts that they have used take the website up to another level. They have a very dark theme that they have gone for, for this website. They have used the color black and some of the fonts are in the color gold. Even in theory, these two colors together are so extravagant looking. They manage to make the website look very elegant, posh and rich. These colors make all the content on the website pop and just effortlessly blend into everything that is there on the website. We are sure that you will love this website too just like we did.

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Joy Bear Contents

We reach the most awaited part of this review. It is the time we talk about all the girls they have on this website and as well as the boys. These guys have a fantastic list of models that they have lined up for you in addition to the excellent service they offer. They have some famous actors such Tina Kay, Lynna Nilsson, Tamara Grace. And amongst the men, they have Max Deeds, Billy King, Luke Hardy and much more. All their actors are British making them so much hotter. These guys can really turn up the heat with the love making scenes they have on their website. They very well know how to be sexual as well as being intimate and sensual and the very same time. These girls have the sexiest bodies you could ever imagine and the men have abs that you would want to worship all day and night long. And, they have cocks so big that will know how to give a woman the perfect orgasm and, that too, multiple times. The women too know how to turn on their man with all that they have got.

The website has over 150 movies and all these movies are in full HD and can be streamed directly through the embedded flash player. If you wish to you can also download these videos too. They can be downloaded in an MP4 format at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and at a rate of 6000 kbps.


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