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When you first open up this site you are greeted with one of the biggest creampies you have ever seen. Now if you are expecting to see a real cream pie especially with the title being Creampie Reality, you will be quite astonished. The reality of it is that what creampie actually means in porn is that the personal hole, be it pussy hole, or asshole, is filled with the jism, or cum, of the male and you will see it as it glides down the opening. Of course that will only happen if the male did not use personal protection, i.e. a condom. It is the seeping oozy sticky cum that is referred to as creampies.

So, as you cruise down the opening page of this site, you will see that the models shown are downright exceptional. These chicks are lithe, beautiful and downright just very good looking. The males utilized are also very handsome and are all in fine shape, as the women are. The content here is absolutely wet and wild. It is obvious that it does not take much fucking in order to fill up either a cunt or an asshole, as it comes overflowing out even after just one fuck, which was surprising. Those who are not into creampies are often surprised that it takes only one man’s cum to get it seeping out profusely.

Meanwhile, those who are into creampies love to see a lot of cum seeping out, in fact the more the better. When you think about it though, real cream pies are best when overfilled too, right?


Creampie Reality Features


Imagining what you will see when you get into the meat of this site is certainly pushing you into the right direction, as it is the meat that creates it all…that is the cock meat of course! Over and over again you will be thrilled to see couples, threesomes, and foursomes all busily at work creating the cream that is going to produce these highly desired creampies! We all decided too that the particular beauties you will find here are stunningly good-looking, the art direction can only be termed as amazing, and the proceedings are also tremendously arousing. One after another you will watch them spread their legs in order to be fucked hard and diligently either in their pussy, or in their asshole.

All of this often is preceded by a diligent and fervent blowjob. These girls give blowjobs just like you’ve always imagined a blowjob should be given. It all begins with a tender romance between the girl’s lips and the cock, proceeding with a kiss here and there, as the member grows in size right in her hand, and then there are usually a few tentative licks to be given to the hardening penis. Often you will note a male reaction to this, as the cock begins to throb up and down in keeping with the heartbeat of the cock’s owner. At last the girl may take her tongue and lave it all on the outside of the cock, and finally taking the very tip of the cock in her mouth she will begin to suckle on it as evidenced by a groan from the cock’s proprietor. It’s often at this moment when she will suddenly engulf the whole thing down to its root, causing the loudest groan to emanate from the gent in question.

Then the blowjob goes on and of course since the cream needs to be saved to fill the creampie, the gentleman is never allowed to cum, no matter how good that blowjob is! What happens next is that the girl is oftentimes mounted. There are intervals when the man inserts himself directly into her cunt and begins the motions that we all know are referred to as fucking. Often the couple will change position, just as we all do when fucking. Changing position, after all, gives a different set of feelings oftentimes making the sensations even better than they were. So, whether this is a regular pussy fuck or an asshole fuck, eventually the same thing is going to result, namely the male being able to cum. This is often accompanied by the female also cumming, and sometimes they actually cum together with simultaneous grunts and groans.

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Creampie Reality Contents

Not that this was a war by any means, but it is at the moment of cumming when the crux of all this action takes place, for this is the supreme moment when the creampie is made. So, what happens at this stage is that the camera will pull away from the obvious union of the participants and as the camera does indeed pull away, thus we are treated to that elusive pussy creampie. Of course the creation of an asshole counterpart creampie is exactly the same except that the locale has changed to the backdoor.

The network that is responsible for this particular site is the 21Sextury Network. In a bit you will be very glad to hear that the site comes under the auspices of the 21 Sextury Network. The reason for this is because this is not the only site they sponsor, for they also have 35 other sites under their realm. That means that when you join this site, you will be offered 35 other sites. These are all highly regarded porn sites with the exact same quality you found in Creampie Reality. Yes, that also means more HD videos than you’ll know what to do with.


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