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CollegeRules Overview

Sex orgies make for excellent porn videos. Though there is an overdose of sex in these orgies, they are right for an intense jerk-off session. There is a visual feast sumptuously spreading out in front of you and you have no idea of whom to see and whom not to. In fact, you cannot choose to ignore anyone, because of the amount of sex involved.

Orgies can take place in a variety of places, particularly in parties, by the poolside, in picnics or anywhere else. What are your thoughts on poolside orgy parties? Sounds interesting, right? Who in the world would indulge in poolside orgies? Anybody like you and me, can arrange a poolside party and have sluts in sexy bikinis, jumping about in the water. Oh, oh! You seem to be getting a hard-on at the very thought. Are you imagining the same thing that I want to write? What if one of the slut’s bikini falls off, and her ample assets are exposed to the entire world? Oh, man! This is heaven. If the pool party was organized by a group of fresh amateurs, you would cum this very moment.
While there are no niche websites that cater to poolside orgies only, there are many sites that offer you many videos with poolside sex orgies as the video theme. One such site is CollegeRules. CollegeRules offers you an entire gamut of realistic porn videos that range from sex orgy parties to lesbian shows, threesomes to public nudity, outdoor sex to sex games. All videos feature sexy amateurs who are ready to get dirty. The diversity that CollegeRules brings to your computer screen has no parallel and your jerkoff sessions will reach dizzying heights. To top this, all videos are submitted by the registered users. A decent amount is also paid to members who submit these sex videos.

CollegeRules Features

Without beating around the bush, let’s get to the design and features of this site. When you jerk-off, you want to focus on the videos and their themes, the quantity of sex involved and how the sex is integrated into the theme. You don’t want distractions in the form of ads, or unnecessary pop-ups, and neither would you want gaudy and loud graphics nor unwanted animations to distract you from your critical task at hand.

With CollegeRules, you get a site that offers you all these benefits – no distractions, no pop-ups, no loud and gaudy graphics and no unwanted animations to distract you. Your sole focus will be on the porn, allowing you to enjoy this jerk-off session.

If you need to achieve such sheer pleasures, the site must have a minimalistic design. CollegeRules has done exactly this. A minimalistic design makes the site look simple, elegant and sophisticated too. A classic color combination of light gray and black is sure to remove all stress from your mind, especially the light gray. Light gray color is used for loading the videos in the form of a grid. With no border for these videos to separate them from the background, they blend in very well. While the thumbnails are trailers, you will need to register to watch the trailers or the full-length videos.

At the top left of the site, you will find the CollegeRules logo, written in chalk. Since the background of the header is black, you can assume that this background is a blackboard. There are three tabs to the right of the site, including Latest, Popular and Join Now. Latest features the most recently uploaded videos. Popular gives you the most popular videos on this site and is also the tour page for you to enjoy. With over 80 videos in the Popular page and 64 in the Latest page, you will be spoilt for choice. The third tab is the Join Now Tab. Above the tabs, there are a couple of links for member login and join now. 

Each video has a title, its duration, the number of views and the star rating. If there is one site that has got five-star rating for all its videos, it must be CollegeRules. No other site could probably come so close to such a record.

We had mentioned that to view the trailers or the full-length videos, you will need to be a registered member. With a one-day trial pack, you will be able to view the trailers of these videos. Full-length videos can be viewed and enjoyed with monthly and annual membership plans. If you believe me, then opt for the annual membership plans so that you can avail a gargantuan discount of 75% over the monthly plan.

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CollegeRules Contents

Imagine a porn video that has nothing other than sex right from the word go. Would that help you in your jerk-off sessions? I am sure, it would be a no because you want a storyline and a build-up to the sex. You have the need to feel emotionally connected to the characters. Well-made porn gives you this emotional connectivity, but when it comes to amateur realistic porn, you don’t need to worry about emotional connectivity.

Amateur realistic porn videos are meant to have complete nudity, loads of genuine sex that will help you attain a sense of satisfaction at the end of your fapping session. CollegeRules offers you such realistic amateur porn videos that you will want to visit this site often, in fact, every day. Your nights will not be complete without jerking off to CollegeRules videos.
The diversity of sluts is amazing. Since they are chicks who love to have sex and are still fresh, you can realize that they have superb and well-maintained bodies. From the top to the bottom, they reek of sexiness. Their eyes convey lust, while their lips quiver at the sight of a flaccid cock going rock-hard. Their soft hands love to hold these cocks and give them a kiss. Their hips, navel, curved waists add to their sex appeal. Clean-shaven or trimmed pussies would want you to go down and eat the juicy fuck-holes, or finger fucks them to ecstasy. Their ass cheeks are perfectly shaped, and you would love to spank them hard while pounding those assholes. Playing with the breasts or twisting and tweaking the erect nipples will have them squeal in joy and pleasure.
Let us get to the pool party we initially talked about. How eager you are to attend one! If you haven’t then it is time for you to check out the pool party video on CollegeRules. A bevy of hot and sexy amateur sirens and hot hunks have arranged this pool party. With a DJ, the is an erotic dance involving all sluts, shaking their booties and boobs. Swimming and being frolic, the party slowly heats up to stripping of the bikinis and touching of boobs, pussies, and dicks. Then the orgy starts, with guys fucking sluts, and sluts indulging in eating juicy wet cunts. You will find double penetration, sex inside the pool, in the lawns and wherever there is space. Jerking off to such realistic porn is the most pleasurable thing you will experience in life.


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