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Buttman Overview

Trained for combat with his ingenious intellect in fighting against all manners of crime and injustice, Batman stands tall. However, with huge cocks, massive dildos, and unimaginable holes, Buttman has been able to introduce real life heroes, especially in bedroom matters. Taking a different direction rather than the more conventional classical porn that involves regular blowjobs and pussy fucking videos, Buttman introduces an anal aspect into the equation.

The beauty of anal sex is that pleasure and orgasm satisfaction is achieved two-fold and as such, the girls on Buttman climax more than in other conventional porn clips. Directed by John Stagliano, a former porn star himself, experience, passion and zeal from the award winning legend describes Buttman.

Buttman Features

An easy to access website invites you to Buttman. With a simple one or two clicks, you are in the thick of things, ‘anal’ no pun intended. A thing that really made me like the site, even more, is the fact that the porn videos are easy to select. One could either choose to select content based on the movie title or the porn star.

Apart from that, the responsiveness of this site and the quickness to download better the design and makes it match the content it holds. Another good thing about the design and layout of Buttman is the simplicity in going back to the content at hand.

Say, if one is watching a movie and desires to also access the picture gallery that comes with the movie, all that he/she has to do is to access the link that is right there for your enjoyment. What this does is that it brings the navigation time down thus increasing one’s time to watch the porn movies ad view the still images.

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Buttman Contents

With over 800 scenes cast into 170 full-length DVDs, surely the content is more than enough. Better still, many of these scenes have photo galleries attached to them. This means that if pictures tick u off more than the video do, go for it, my friend. The anal insertions done on this site are amazing.
The girls are breath taking bending in all manners for the ultimate pleasure and for the camera to capture the best scene so depicted. My best scene from one of the girls on the site was from Judith Fox directed by John ‘ButtmanStagliano, the ingenious porn director, and producer. In the scene, she opens up her glory hole and allows the insertion of a liquid which she takes in rather professionally a scene that had my juices flowing. And just when I thought I had seen it all, she turns around and squirts a glorious fountain to the air from her asshole. Unimaginable and unbelievable, she had me toying with my pussy until we came together. I never thought all these things were possible till I landed myself on this marvelous site. The high definition videos just brought it all to light in a manner that was insanely beautiful.


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