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Watching freshies fuck is always a turn on. The way their bodies are flexible and bend over to accommodate the invasion from huge cocks. The look of surprise and horror on their faces as their fresh bodies are broken open is one that will make your whole system shiver with lust. Watching such porn involving these freshies is always fulfilling. It is even better when you can find a site like broken where these girls get assaulted to highest levels but still manage to beg for more. It is as if the devil in them has been released and their hunger for huge cock just became insatiable. This girl with their fresh glow will get your cock throbbing you may not be able to wait to take your cock out before you cum in your pants. The action here is really hot and it even gets hotter as you move towards the members’ area. BrokenTeens is for those who love freshies porn and get turned on when they watch such highest level porn with scenes that border on sadism and assault. There are freshies who couldn’t wait to get to that point where they had the liberty to use their body and let their body be used in ways that left them shaking with desire. Once they reached that point, they could no longer wait and they just had to make up for lost time. BrokenTeens brings to you some hardcore movies on freshies who enjoy being fucked in the ass and pussy. These girls are hunger for cock and when they can’t get one, the will use anything from cucumbers to dildo to take care of the heat in their cunt. For these chicks, the harder they can get it the better. They will beg the guys to hit them hard until they can take it no more. This site has a lot of videos on girls getting ripped that will leave no lover of anal fucking indifferent. For those who will love to have access to the fill length videos, they can go to the site and navigate to the join page. Here they will choose their user name and password, choose a payment method and then choose a membership plan. It is worth knowing that apart from paying with your credit card, you can also pay with your paypal account. It is understandable that while most people love to watch porn in private, very few will like to be identified with it in public. That is why the site has put in place measures to ensure that there are security measures in place to ensure that members’ details are not compromised in any way. BrokenTeens is part of the Da GF network. As such members will not only get videos from the site itself, they will also be getting videos from sites like Busty GF and French GF.

BrokenTeens Features

BrokenTeens brings to its members the best in freshie hardcore porn through its website that is not broken in any way. All links on the site are functional and you will not come across even one broken link. The site encourages navigation through the use of video thumbnails. Visitors are allowed a free tour through the site that takes them through a few pages of some of the raunchy sex videos on the site. Even with the tour, there is not much to see as after a few pages you will be prompted to join the site. When it comes to going through the collection of videos, you can do so by date. It is also possible to find videos by checking those that are the most popular among the members. For the models, you can use the models’ index to search models. As a member, you will find that when you log in to the site using your username and password, you will be presented with all the sites from the network and their summary description. You will then have to choose BrokenTeens from the list.
When you do find a video that you like, you can add it to your favourite list. Through the favourite feature, you can build up a list of videos that you like for future viewing. Also, when on the videos page, you can see how many views a particular video has received and you can also rate the video. The videos are tagged with words like: anal, cum, facial and a lot more. If you will like to go for a live chat with some of the models, you can do it directly from the members’ area by clicking on the live chat tab. However, to chat, a model must be online.

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BrokenTeens Contents

It is not every day that you find them fresh and hot and ready to go to extremities like what happens on BrokenTeens. These freshies with sexy bodies are slim, have boobs that are firm and asses and pussies that are tight. These hot cunts are ready to err by the biggest cock possible. You will see a lot of their pink hole gaping as the cameras take close up shot of these after they have been drilled by the monster cocks. These amateur girls hold up strong in the videos even when they are being invaded by cocks from all direction. You may notice a slight twist of the face as the cocks make their way in but in very little time, these freshies get accustomed to the invasion and start twerking their waists as a sign for the invader to start fucking them hard. It doesn’t matter whether these girls are taking it up the ass or in the pussy, the effect on them is the same. They will go wild with ecstasy as they are being pounded raw. You are going to love watching these videos as there is every guarantee that you are going to have your own share of the cumming. There are over 100 videos on the site with some in high definition. Members are allowed to stream videos online. The videos can also be downloaded in three different quality mp4.



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