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AV 69 Overview

The AV69 gives the member a huge Japanese adult video collection to browse, featuring gorgeous Japanese AV Idols and some really hardcore sex. In difference with some other Japanese porn sites, it seems that this one offers uncensored porn movies, so no pixelation will ruin the experience. The AV69 offers all kinds of movies; though it looks like that the main focus of the collection is to give you videos featuring couples and threesomes. All girls in the scenes are Japanese AV Idols, who made a career in the Japanese adult video industry, going through the usual cycle of the AV Idols.

This cycle looks like this: there is a debuting video, where the girls are doing almost everything, after that the AV Idol makes a dozen scenes covering one main niche. When she is considered a mature AV Idol, she can either go for the heavier hardcore movies or restart her career under a different name. This was the traditional way, but nowadays it might be going on somewhat differently.

The videos on AV69 are sorted into 38 main categories, so it can be assumed that there are at least that many porn niches covered. The site is not a standalone one; it’s a part of a larger network called JAVHD. This network has 15 niche-drive sub-sites, each covering on main niche and multiple sub-niches. If you register on AV69 you also gain access to all sites within the network, and you can easily browse all videos of JAVHD from one central members’ area. The video quality on AV69 is a bit varied, but luckily you can find here 720p videos just as a pile of Full-HD 1080p scenes. Those who choose to become a member can enjoy these high-quality exclusive videos, and they will find it that though the site is only three years old, it has such a big collection as many of the older porn sites.

AV 69 Features

The AV69 looks like a professional porn site should look. It has a clear design, a well-chosen color theme, and a nicely usable menu system with a good layout. This menu lets the visitors reach the videos’ list, the models’ database, the categories and the network sites, and it’s located on the top of the page. The rest of the page is the list of the videos, represented by thumbnails, and with some banners of the features here and there. There is a mobile site available too, and it looks just as good as the desktop version, and it offers all the features that you can use on your PC.

To sort the videos, you have two options inside the members’ zone: use the keyword-based search engine, or browse by categories. You can watch all scenes in an embedded player that is used to play the MP4 video stream (HD playback quality). The connection, the stream is strong and it’s stable, and if everything is good at your end, you can enjoy the scenes without lagging. For offline viewing, MP4 files are offered. Not all videos have photos and screen captions, so the number of galleries is a bit less, but what you can find will satisfy your needs.

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AV 69 Contents

The AV69 offers you a diverse collection of fantastic Japanese AV Idols, and since the site provides only Japanese porn videos, you won’t find any other ethnicities present. Some bitchy folks may say that the Japanese are all the same, but it’s certain that they change their mind when they start browsing the models’ database of the AV69. You can access the models’ index in tour mode, and if you open it, you will see that there are 604 models enlisted, and though they are all Japanese, you may note that they are not just gorgeous, but they are different from one another.

Some say, that the Japanese women don’t have so nice tits and ass as their Caucasian counterparts, but we all know that those guys are foolish: if you look at the models list, search for Iroha Suzumura, who is a very gorgeous MILF with big breasts; and for cute face and nice tits, check Hikari for instance, she has a perfectly sculpted body with round, firm tits, and nice ass. As for the level of experience of the models, you need to know that the Japanese AV Idols has a circle: the debuting girls are shooting long movies in which they usually do all kinds of things; those who have done their debuting video, are usually choose a niche that they wish to feature, and when they have done multiple DVDs, they usually become mature AV Idols (though they are usually still under 30). As a mature AV Idol, the girls usually go for the heavier things, including taboos and fetishes too, or they can choose to restart their cycle under a new stage name.

The videos you can enjoy on the AV69 are satisfying and arousing. All are scripted, and though some of the videos are debuting scenes, the girls aren’t totally amateurs, and they perform very well. Most of the scenes are featuring vaginal and anal sex, and while they usually cover the ordinary niches, you can find lots of fetishes and kinky things taking place. There are movies with group sex, featuring double penetration and some other rougher things. The fetishist will surely enjoy the movies of this collection because there is lingerie and stockings porn, but apart from the shaved pussies, you may find here some bushy ones too. The AV69 offers you 1378 movies, and if you browse through the list, you will see that while many of them usually go on for more than 35 minutes, there are dozens of 60 minutes videos.

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