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My Alternative GFs Overview

You love your pretty GF, but sometimes, you’d wished her to be hot like that emo chick? Ever saw a goth girl and and though of how horny she might get, enjoying hardcore anal sex? Or you just like to cum over huge amounts of black eyeliner? Well, people who came up with My Alternative GF also thought this way and this is how this site came to life. And what a life! From the

And what a life! From the juiciest pierced pussy to the most interesting ass tattoo, there are all brought up to light, as these girls suck cock and enjoy a food fuck, all in front of a camera. And they love what they do, even if they are not all aware their performance is about to be seen by the whole world. What this means? Leaks! Guys like you, proud of their emo girlfriends, shot them as they suck dick and play pussy, then they posted everything on My Alternative GF!
And if you have an alternative GF, you can also contribute to the well-being of this site! With the digital cameras being more and more cheap, the amateur porn content becomes better and better, so you will find HD content, so you can watch the pleasure on those slut’s face when her punk makeup is being covered in cum! And these girls never say no: they are not innocent and they are not afraid to show it, because they have nothing to hide. After all, an Emo doesn’t care about other people, so the girls at My Alternative GF only care for their pleasure and how to get their men cum. Great girls!

My Alternative GFs Features

Speaking on how libertine these girls are, they are always thinking about how to get a hard dick up their soft pussy. Because there are dozens of galleries featuring hot selfies, where the chicks show off their huge natural melons, one can conclude these girls are really slutty! And after the galleries, there are hundreds of POV style movies, which feature lusty girls who love to receive a massive cumshot in the middle of their face, so they are proud to be part of the great porn industry.

What are the alt girls up to at My Alternative GF? We’ll start with stripping – these emo chicks love to get rid of their clothes and show off their enhancements: there are lots of tattoos and piercings, so if you love a pierced pussy, here is your place! And there are also lip piercings, tongue piercings and everything in between, so whatever part of the body you can think off, you can find it pierced at My Alternative GF! Just think about the cool sensation of having a metal enhancement around your hot dick! And getting on with the stripping, there are tattoos!

All sizes and shapes, like these alternative GF: big butterflies and lots of colors or dark emo signs, there are all painted on these tight bodies! Off we go towards the masturbation: an emo chick knows how to stuff things up her pussy and they also know how to suck a pussy. Yes, there are lots of lesbian action scenes at My Alternative GF, revealing that emo girls don’t always need a dick to get their pussy wet – they can also get ready on their own, before you enter the scene!

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My Alternative GFs Contents

There is an entire network at My Alternative GF, which you can access with only one account at My Alternative GF. There are all sort of chicks to suit your taste, so there is lots of variety within the GF network. The first and the most important bonus site is Watch my GF, where guys and girls post videos of them fucking and sucking cock, just to become porn stars!

There are photos and videos, shot in POV, shot by hidden cameras and many more, so there are plenty to see. When it comes to interracial porn, the network is delivering: for all the ebony lovers out there, there is an entire site featuring chicks with dangerous curves and luscious butts, which just happen to be someone’s GF! Indians and Asians are also represented on dedicated sites, so you can enjoy all the chocolate creampies you can get from cumming on those brown bodies!

And because sluts and phones make a wonderful combo when it comes to good porn content, there are loads of chicks who share their most intimate moments and show off their bodies, all for the sake of sex. And there is more to see in the My Alternative GF network, so you must know the membership plans.



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