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YoungCourtesans Overview

Let’s undress history for a bit. History can be quite fascinating, sexy, intriguing, and all together delicious. Regarding my recently visited porn site, YoungCourtesans, let me share with you the little details I’ve come across, in regards to these historical ladies. If you’re not familiar with what courtesans are or what they do in general, it’s time to take you back to a bit of history class. When asked what do I think when I hear the term courtesan, I almost immediately picture ladies in luxurious satin and ready to do everything for a little moolah. Often times, these ladies are sometimes referred to as escorts and the likes. Even way before, courtesans have plagued certain parts of the world and men of high status turn to them when it comes to a little pleasure or more. They are, for most of the time, secret lovers or just secret sexual partners. Paid quite high amounts, due to the status of their customers, it makes it hard for these ladies to stop whatever they are doing because aside from the financial high they are experiencing, the pleasure they feel makes them ecstatic.

For YoungCourtesans, they take this sort of thing digitally and, although they have fully kept the idea of the original “courtesans”, they have added a little twist to it, being in a new era and all. YoungCourtesans will make you succumb with their very own rendition of these fresh faced beauties. The scenes they have come up with brings about the sensitivity and the sensuality of the genre. There seems to be stories behind each scene, but they usually just focus on the sex right afterwards.
For these beauties, they usually fiddle around in dating sites and when they do find the right “sugar daddies“, they’ll make sure to take them home and bang the life out of these folks, of course in exchange for a lot of cash. Think of them as modern day prostitutes with a little bit of class and stuff. YoungCourtesans has been around for quite some time, being available since March 2010. They’re a modern take on a famous highlight of history, with just the right dash of hardcore and eroticism.

YoungCourtesans Features

First of all, YoungCourtesans has a pretty definite and neat navigational system. They are straight to the point and, once you land on their homepage, you are immediately greeted by a plethora of different thumbnails and banners that correspond to a certain video. Videos are also equipped with information about a certain scene so you’ll have better understanding about it. At the moment, there are 45+ scenes and counting and these scenes have their own photo galleries that may or may not contain professionally taken shots or mere video caps.

Like other porn sites who offer exclusive scenes and features, YoungCourtesans would require a membership wherein you pay monthly or multi monthly. If you are unsure of your decision, don’t you worry. Trial versions are available. Trial membership will only last for 1 day, though, and you can only download and stream older versions of the scenes. Videos can both be streamed in browser and downloaded. Streamed videos use an embedded Flash player and can be adjusted to your preference. It usually comes in a 800 x 600 pixel resolution. Downloadable videos and scenes come in different formats which are usually in MP4 and WMV. Both have a 5000k+ bit rate and have a whopping 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

Oh, in addition, it is possible to view these videos and features in your mobiles. It also plays well for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Sony PSPs, and mobile phones. The site itself has wonderful video playback so that’s nice. Aside from videos, photo galleries are also made available and they usually have 80 photos each. They can be downloaded in zip files or simply viewed via slideshows. The 20 minute scenes have multiple viewing options so you won’t have any problem with those. The site itself is a portal to 9 other sites that is included upon membership so there are actually a lot of things to look forward to aside from YoungCourtesans content.

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YoungCourtesans Contents

Ah, girls. Let us talk about the girls YoungCourtesans have collected to make their porn site the real deal and turn to when it comes to both erotic and hardcore sex. The girls, are, obviously very attractive and gorgeous. They will most certainly have you drooling on your own seat or bed, and for good reason too. These burgeoning ladies don’t only bring about a fresh take to modern day prostitution, but they make a hell of a good job out of it.

The videos are amazingly produced and they air out the same class as their genre. The locations setting these videos are filmed are quite surreal and they aren’t trashy, I suppose. It matches the girls’ images, so kudos to YoungCourtesans for that. The videos are technically very relaxing to watch, as well as stimulating and seductive.


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