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Wives In Pantyhose Overview

Wives In Pantyhose is the site for guys who have sometimes (or always) fantasized about stuff whenever they get a look at some hot, mature woman’s stockings and get turned on until they calm themselves down with a good fap. You guys are real lucky because Reality Kings made this site with foresight as to what you guys want.

Whether you want those mature women to feature in softcore or hardcore porn, or you want the videos to be streamed or downloaded, amateurs or pornstars, you get what you want in Wives In Pantyhose! Everything, including those women just masturbating and playing with themselves or them playing with those big, hard dicks from those men, you’re gonna get satisfied here in Wives In Pantyhose! The site has paused its updates for quite a while now, however there’s still enough content for you to be satisfied with!

Wives In Pantyhose Features

This site is a site owned by Reality Kings, one of the best porn brands out there, especially when it comes to showing off the hottest girls out there in a “real” setting. You have to pay up in order to be able to not only enter the site but to be able to see the videos that are available in the site. They say that every good site has a price, and in a sense, yes, this site, Wives In PantyHose has a price.

However, you’re not gonna regret paying the price because of the content available in the site as well as all the other content from other sites from Reality Kings will be made readily available for you to watch. In the home page of Wives In Pantyhose, you’re going to see the same format you see as most other sites that are under the Reality Kings brand name.

The tabs that are present are the same 4 tabs that are usually present in Reality Kings sites. The Home tab shows the homepage of the site. You’re going to see below the list of tabs that there are videos, placed in full display in front of the site. There’s a big video screen that shows the porn itself. There are also 9 pics that you can see beside and below the link or screen of the video. Below all of those are short descriptions of the videos that, along with the pics, ready you for the fapping that will commence due to those videos. At the part that’s below the last set of pictures for a video, you’re going to see additional information about the site as well as other interesting tidbits.

There’s a porn directory down there, which shows you some kind of map of the entire site. Some people find it easier to locate stuff when using this feature in the site. If there are spam texts or comments, you can report them using the Report Spam feature. There’s a customer support link down there as well, which means that whatever your complaints or queries are, you can ask it out in from the customer support. Privacy policy is also present here, so there’s that as well. There’s also a stud search, where if you can join if you have a long dong. All that in the homepage of Wives In Pantyhose.

Next tab after the Home tab is the Videos tab, where you can find the videos, of course. The scenes of those wives in pantyhoses are all available here in this tab. Every single, fappable one. You just have to pick. There’s also some sorting feature that’s pretty common in most sites, which are sorting by the most recent, the most viewed and the most highly rated. There’s also a Models tab, where you can see all the models that they’ve used, whether they’re amateurs or pornstars. Then finally the tab where you can see all of the videos from Reality Kings. These are the main things you can see in Wives In Pantyhose without looking up the content.

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Wives In Pantyhose Contents

Bask in the exclusive collection of Wives In Pantyhose! The videos are all really hot, and all original videos that show off those really hot wives that are in their very pantyhoses showing off their legs and other body parts, if you know what I mean. They strip all their clothes, just revealing their glorious naked bodies and have those really sexy fishnets or tights or highlights or anything of those kinds. They just play with themselves, stroking their pussies, their clits, or rub their breasts, or simply get a fuck.
Most of the scenes are masturbation scenes, however there’s also some straight up hardcore sex, the really hot banging that are shown in the site. There are even some lesbian scenes thrown into the mix. All of those in order to keep things spicy and lively. There are pics that are available in the site, these pics are those that were taken are taken separately from the scenes. These pics are top-notch, they used every cameraman tricks in order to make the models really show off their hotness. There are photosets in the site.
The videos, which are the bread and butter of the site, are mostly 480p to 720p in quality. They’re all fully downloadable, but there’s a download limit. It doesn’t matter that much though as the download limit is 10GB per day. That’s a lot, mind you. You can enjoy all the videos, whether they’re streamed or downloaded.


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