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UK Hot Jocks Overview

I have to admit, I have a penchant for the Brits. Aside from their style, and their sexy way of spelling things, their accent wins it all. It is endearing in its own right, it’s almost unfair. Have you ever had an Englishman whisper sweet nothings to you? If not, then you are surely missing out on the best things in life, and men from England talking dirty to you in that heaven of an accent of theirs are one of them.

You know what else you are sure as hell missing out on? UK Hot Jocks, that’s what you have been missing out on! The breathtakingly handsome studs in this site not only live up to the name of their website as being from the UK, but being ridiculously hot in their respective manners as well. If you fancy yourself some long, thick English cock, then UK Hot Jocks got them all for you. Read on for more info about this spectacular and one hell of a sexy site.

UK Hot Jocks Features

Right off the bat, the thing that you would most likely notice about the site is the design and layout of their page. It is simply put and laid out plainly that it is easy to navigate even for first time visitors. By the look of it and the color schemes were also well thought out and not exactly a sore to look at compared to other mainstream porn sites. 

Then we delve on to the technical side of things. UK Hot Jocks would never allow themselves to be far less superior than their counterparts, and that includes the quality and resolution of their videos. Their movies are at most in the highest qualities possible, but if you want to download them for later viewing, you have can choose from 3 versions that is available for download. There is the standard and high definition 1280x 720, the best quality at 1920x 1080, or a much lesser size but with a rather good quality still for mobile phones and tablets. 

UK Hot Jocks now has well over 200 movies under their belts and are continually updating the site with new content to satisfy not just the gay men, but also the horny females of the world in dire need of big British cocks. You also don’t have to take screen shots of the movies if you want to immortalize a particular scene you fancy because they have a gallery of stills taken during the filming that you can download in full and will be available through a zip file.

It is also important to note that UK Hot Jocks has a very detailed model index that they have set up for us to know their models better. This is a great feature because now, we don’t have to search through the whole World Wide Web for details about the models. It’s really interesting because they share bits of details about them, and a lot of whole body pictures with the scrumptious men butt naked.

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UK Hot Jocks Contents

And now we’re on the juiciest bit of this review. We now talk about the men lining up and showing us just why they are part of UK Hot Jocks, and damn, are these jocks hot as hell! UK Hot Jocks features 2 types of videos. Their first offering is their roster of videos of varying themes while showing the hot sex happening between 2 horny and sexy males. The action between them is bound to be hot, wet and definitely explosive… with a lot of jizz! The other feature is what I think attracts the most subscribers due to its exclusivity and creativity. Lockerjocks features the studs in all their horny and sexy glory jerking off and playing with toys for our entertainment.
UK Hot Jocks won’t be called UK Hot Jocks for nothing though. The men in the site are bound to make even the straight guys drool a little by just how sexy as hell the guys are. Who knew British men were these hot, my God! There are a lot of scenarios being played out in the many movies available in UK Hot Jocks. One of the many recurring themes are one-on-one fucking between the many beautiful models engaging in hot gay sex. Then there is office themed sex between 2 models, and there are also group sex parties in a clean looking office setting. Then there are a lot of daring and adventurous scenes like picking up strangers for a one night stand during a weekend partying out with friends or finding another horny male while you are out enjoying a day in the sauna and having ridiculously hot sex, making the sauna environment even more hot than it already is.
Regardless of the themes they are trying to portray, it still boils down to the hot action going on between the sexy an god- like models with bodies that are just absolutely to die for. You are in for a ride as it involves a lot of heavy kissing, eating a lot of ass, sucking big and swollen ‘til its red cocks and riding or fucking in a hot doggy style finishing off with the messiest cum shot possible.


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