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Twinky Toons Overview

Are you fond of porn and the arts? How about twinks? These three are the least things that you would think could be put together. However, if you are a fan of these, then you are insured luck right now because we are going to put these three together as we have found a porn site that does just that! 

Finding porn and the arts combined is already one tough gig. Yes, while you may see a lot of hentai courtesy of the Japanese, it is still a bit hard to find tastefully created hentai animations. By the way, for those who are still relatively new to watching porn, hentai is an animated porn movie, frequently starring anime and usually inspired by manga or Japanese comics. From time to time, we see hentai versions of our favorite cartoons too, for instance, I have stumbled upon a video of the Dark Knight once getting it on with Harley Quinn. 
But we are not talking about copied cartoons or intense anime cartoons with freakishly big boobs being overtaken by a giant octopus. No. We are talking about awesome hand drew gay comics. And what’s more is that it’s not just any gay comics, these feature twinks. To continue our porn 101, twinks are fresh guys, usually free of hair with lean and lanky bodies – as opposed to the bearish type of men with big burly muscles. 
Carrying on with the porn site review, we are going to talk about the porn site Twinky Toons. Don’t you think it is so aptly named? I also thought so when I first saw the site. The hardcore comics that you are going to see are a hundred percent exclusive to the site, so you are not going to find them anywhere else. Having said so, you might want to consider signing up for Twinky Toons. 
To do just that, you only need to perform two steps. First, you need to create an account. Don’t worry; they will not ask any personal details about you if you are worried about your privacy. They value your security as well, so they will only ask for you to create a username and a password. Of course, an email would still be required. And then after you have filled up that form, there will be a second step where this time, you will choose the premium membership plan that you would like to take. They have a seven-day trial membership, a one-month membership, and a three months membership. 
If you would just like to take a look at the site first, then you might want to settle for the seven-day trial option first. After all, you will already enjoy a lot from this since the site is frequently updated (we will talk more about the different membership perks later on). However, for bigger savings, we would suggest the three months plan. We are not connected with the porn site in any way; these are just based on the details that you can find on the porn site sign up page itself.

Twinky Toons Features

We are very fond of this porn site because the entire feel is so artsy. It is like staring at an art book or comic book. And everything, every detail that you will find on the page, extends this theme – making a very put together website. 

Anyway, let us now talk about the layout of the site. At first, you will enjoy a big preview of their latest strip. They have a wide sliding banner of their featured comic which offers you a couple of pages to enjoy, along with a short description about the comic strip. 

Then, after the feature, you may scroll down and find other previews, this time, presented in thumbnails. These are also recently uploaded comics. You will notice that there are those that are part of a series, much like the comic book series that we have enjoyed while growing up, and of course, there are stand-alone stories created for those who want a complete story right away. 

Finally, there are still a LOT of things to be explored on the page – too many to mention here in such a short review so be sure to explore the page in further depth.

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Twinky Toons Contents

The different types of twinks are freely explored in this porn site, unlike any other twink porn site that you have ever seen and do you know why? The reason is that the creators of Twinky Toons are not restricted to their models. They are only restricted by the lengths of their imagination. If they can imagine that kind of twink, then they can surely create a story and comic book series for that twink as well! 

There are also a lot of things to enjoy within the site, as what we have mentioned above. A few of them are first, the daily updates. Their content is always new, every single day. Also, you will gain access to seven other bonus sites (especially for the days when you don’t want to read but would rather watch live action videos). Next, the porn site has what they call a pin-up collection. These are like an image or art gallery of the hottest twink sex scenes that you have ever seen. 

They also have this “clothed and naked” feature. This is a new for us, and we have not seen this anywhere else. They present clothed twinks, and then they present a naked version (these are, of course, illustrated as well). 
Finally, they have an entire gallery of wallpapers at your disposal.



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