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Tricky Old Teacher Overview

We all struggled at some point with our grades, and we also thought about what we can do to make it better or at least pass a certain subject especially those that we know nothing about. We then see our teacher who probably will accept any type of offer, including the inappropriate one like sucking his dick to get that A.

TrickyOldTeacher is the site that shows you different scenarios of mature teachers that takes advantage of the dilemmas of stunning, yet struggling girls. They will give a perfect score not based on how good an assignment is or who well a presentation went but by how good a girl can suck their cock and excellent they are at riding it.
This porn site focuses on the fantasy of banging a teacher at different scenes and plays, either it be the girl seducing the teacher for grades, the teacher pressuring the girl for grades, having a short break after a difficult homework or having a teacher demand a lesbian sex in front of him, any story that you can think of that involves a teacher can be seen at this site. They have thousands of girls that you can watch as they give themselves up for the sake of a perfect score.

Tricky Old Teacher Features

As you open the page you will see a slideshow of girls sucking the dicks of men wearing suits and ties, some are caressing the tits of the girls while the others have their cock inside of them. As you scroll down there are 8 pages of hundreds of sample videos that you can watch that has a length of about 30 minutes and it has a photo gallery set that captured the best moments of the porn video.

Once you sign up you will have access to about 2,248 high definition videos, 332,666 high-resolution pictures all of which are updated regularly and you can also check the profiles of their 1,027 gorgeous girls, from blondes to brunettes, from dark haired chicks to redheads, all of them are sweet and sexy. You can have access to unlimited downloads and all of their videos come in different formats, like MP4 and WMV so they are all mobile friendly, all of them are compatible with any devices so you can watch it by using your phone, desktop computer, tablet, ipad or laptop.

One exciting feature of the site, for those who are members, is that you can have a live, steamy chat with the models of the site. You can talk to them about their performances and you can even be all dirty with the model of your choice.

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Tricky Old Teacher Contents

There are hundreds of sample videos that you can watch that comes with a photo gallery. One of them is about Inga and her friend who seems too slow with numbers, they visit their math teacher to ask for help so that they can pass their math subject. Their teacher then adds all of them together and wanted a threesome in exchange for the girls to get a better grade, both agreed as they reached down and pulled their teacher’s hard cock, they took turns in sucking it. As they both took their clothes off, Inga was being fucked by the teacher in her pussy as her friend kisses her passionately on the mouth, they changed places and the friend is them being banged by the teacher. They all have a steamy threesome as the teacher cums on both of the girls and gave them a passing grade.

Julia is having a hard time understanding her language subject and needs to be tutored by her teacher, the teacher agreed to help up but Julia as something else in mind, something that both of them will definitely enjoy and which will result in her getting a better grade. She then goes down on her knees as she started sucking the cock of her teacher who was then as horny as she was. He took her clothes off and what were just left were neck tie and her socks, he inserts his already hard cock inside her wet pussy, he fucks her on top of his desk and then she rides him until both of them reached the climax.
Alina is a dark hair beauty and she is cock hungry, all she wants is to get some dick and luckily a tutor of hers decided to pay her a visit to talk to her about her latest assignment, as they started discussing about it Alina felt an itch and watch something inside her pussy to satisfy it, the old man then knew what was up and it turns out he wanted to taste her tight pussy as well. They then got into action as the old bearded teacher started touching anad sucking her tits as he plays with her erect nipple. They both went to bed and he fucks her in different styles as they both came. Alina got the grade and cock that she wanted while the old bearded professor got the lay that he wanted.


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