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Teach Twinks Overview

Are you familiar with the different genres of gay porn already? If not then take this overview as a short introduction to the world of gay porn. Well, you see, gay porn is a bit different compared to straight porn. I’m a straight guy, but after the time I have spent in writing porn reviews for you guys, I have come to be very familiar with a lot of the different genres of gay porn already. Yes, you could say that I have learned a lot from the experience. 

Anyway, straight porn genres are usually more reliant on the action like dominance and submission, and while gay porn also has those types of genres as well, they also have more gay porn specific ones. Their genres though depend on more on the type of gay people involved in the video. For instance, three of the most popular niches are bear, muscle, and twink. Bear are big hairy and burly guys who look like bears, hence the name. Muscle, on the other hand, are greased muscular men that are usually presented in a military or construction worker type of guy, all sweaty and bumpy. Finally, we have the twinks. 
Twinks are a subtype of gay dude who is lean and usually shaven. There are no hairy twinks, and they are valued by their fans because of their fresh glow. You can also say that they are more innocent-looking compared to the other bear or muscle. This is the reason why these types of videos are extremely popular. High-quality gay porn sites are pretty tricky to come by, though. I don’t know why but there are just too few quality gay porn sites out there. This is why I am personally, always so pleased whenever we find awesome gay sites like the one we are going to feature today in this short review. It is a twink site by the way, so if you are a fan of this type of porn then you are in luck, my friend. There is a lot of twink porn coming right up! 
The porn site that we are going to feature today in this short review is an all-twink porn site called TeachTwinks. It is a premium porn site that would require for you to sign up for membership first before you are able to enjoy their porn collection. Don’t worry, the sign-up process should only take a few minutes, and after that, you are already free to download and stream all you want. From the name itself, this porn site presents twinks being taught how to fuck with another guy for the first time, as you might expect, all of the twinks here are still fairly new and most of them are still inexperienced. If you would want to see how these twinks open up and discover their sexuality with the help of dominants, then this porn site is perfect for you!

Teach Twinks Features

Upon landing on the page, my initial reaction was, “wow this page is very busy”. But I meant this statement in a good way, and not in a negative one. The people who created this porn site made use of all the space possible in order to show their content and all valuable information effectively. I still can’t decide which style I’d like better: if I would want to have a clean page with other information hidden on other pages of the porn site, or having a full page with all the information just a scroll away. Oh well, there is one thing I can say for sure, though: they did a great job in organising the page and all of the contents they packed there. 

Anyway, moving on, once you have landed on the page the first thing that you are going to see is the header of the site. It contains a picture of two twinks smiling provocatively, one fully clothed and one butt naked. Above this picture, you will see the different tabs or the navigation of the site, and on the right part of the banner, you will find the different features of the site once you sign up for membership along with the sign-up link. These features are their 100% exclusive content, the matching picture sets that go with each of their videos (which are all in high-definition quality), mobile compatibility (which allows you to access the porn site and all of its contents even while you’re traveling, given that you have a portable device with internet connection with you), and finally the unlimited downloading privilege we’ve mentioned above.

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Teach Twinks Contents

Like what we have already mentioned in the overview, the main focus of this site is inexperienced twinks being taught how to fuck. You can also take your cue from one of the porn site’s taglines itself: “only cute playful boys”. Aside from that, there weren’t any more information about the twinks in the site regarding their nationality and other information. 

As for the videos, they have really taken the name of the porn site “TeachTwinks” to heart. In fact, most of the videos were made in a class setting with the dominants posing as instructors. But aside from this style of videos, other scenes can also be seen where twinks are subjected to a different situation where they will be made to fuck. The only common denominator in these videos is that in the end, the twinks would discover that they have really enjoyed the act and that they have discovered something in their sexuality that they will surely explore more in the future.


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