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Swallowed Overview

Swallowed is one of the very few sites that offer sensual blowjobs exclusively. And having been nominated for both XBIZ and AVN Awards, it just goes to show that there is something that they are doing in the right manner. First things first, the design will most certainly blow your mind away. And on top of that, there are also plenty of girls for you to pick from. 

They all are professional and will get to suck a dick, or a couple of dicks, in a way that will most definitely work out miracles for you. Accessing the site is very easy. And that should make it a tad easier for you to find the girls of your dreams. 

There are also some good features that will make you find the videos you are looking for much faster. There is the place on the homepage that allows for you to access the newest videos first which is quite convenient as well as it is time-saving. 

You will also have the pleasure of checking out big, throbbing dicks which will always leave you with a big smile on your face as you watch them getting sucked and rubbed. Some of the features you will find in Swallowed include the following.

Swallowed Features

Swallowed has a nice, bluish color scheme that gives you that cool, relaxed feeling as you watch your porn. That aside, there is the searching tool that allows you to get all of the hot girls depending on their names, their popularity or the most recent activities.

You can also find the upcoming videos on the homepage, which reduces your hustling by a very wide berth. On visiting the model’s area of the site, you can also find that their names have been arranged alphabetically.

The latter makes sure that you are getting to your favorite models much faster especially if you know their names. On the left-hand side of the site are all of the latest videos arranged from the latest video to be uploaded. But on the right, there is an option where you can click to see all of the videos. 

And whether you want to check out the latest ones or all of the videos at once, it will all be your choice to make. The videos are all hot and erotic to watch, involving mostly naked girls sucking the juice out of hard, throbbing cocks. The site is simple, which makes Swallowed the place for the best blowjobs.

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Swallowed Contents

Swallowed has got some hot girls who go a long way in making sure that all of your erotic fantasies are brought to life. Most of them being white, you will have the opportunity to have the pleasure of either picking out the hot brunettes or the bold blondes.

And that said, there are those who are of other races which are meant to spruce up your erotic fantasies in the right manner. If you also have a thing for big boobs, there is a fair share of well-endowed girls who are more than ready to make all of your expectations valid. 
And you will get to see some of them fondling their boobs as playfully as they can get just to make sure that you are having that amazing time as you want. Most of these blowjobs usually end up in messy facials, which all of these girls do love. Some of them get the warm, gooey cum in their mouths right before they get to swallow it tastefully. 

Swallowed also makes sure that you are watching these girls naked, with their boobs and throbbing wet pussies exposed to make you even more erotically charged. These girls are passionately about cock sucking, and you will most certainly end up having a liking towards them. 

The videos are also known to be of the highest quality. The scenes are well-lit and directed in such a way that will definitely blow your mind away. Aida Fox, that cute and naughty redhead and Marsha May, who looks like Jennifer Aniston’s doppelganger, will be there to give you a feeling like no other as you sit there and watch them sucking cocks. The titles are found below each video and are written in capital letters, all in bold white which makes it hard to miss. 

Bits of information such as the runtime, date of upload and the names of the models available can also be found on each video. In one video featuring the hot and daring Sara Vandalia, you will see her vividly swallowing the biggest cock while maintaining eye contact with the lucky guy. They both look very engrossed and turned on with the deep throat and it continues to be so long after he has cummed inside that mouth and is feeling like a million bucks. 
Sara takes some moments to pull out that huge cock and get to tease the tip with the tongue for a while right before putting it back in. These girls are all professional, meaning that you will only be treated to world-class blowjobs and nothing less than that.


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