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Slutty Squirters Overview

Yes people, female ejaculation is real and it seems really fun for a lot of girls who experience them. Some girls who experience this often feel intense pleasure, I heard. So much pleasure that it leads to another thing: squirting. Yes, the two are different from each other. As science would explain it, the fluids coming out from female ejaculation is way different than when a girl squirts because as you might have already known it, it is watery pee. It might sound a little odd but it is a really popular thing in the porn world nowadays. 

Odd as it sounds, it certainly does have its charms and if you are someone like me, who thoroughly enjoys watching girls feel good, then you will love this type of thing more than you would imagine. Well, no matter if you enjoy this seriously hot thing or still yet to encounter one, SluttySquirters is the best place to find these kinds of porn videos. 
Not only does this particular porn site make squirting look really fancy and elegant, they offer really great content (other than squirting) too! SluttySquirters was launched last June 2007 and it is under the HD Porn Pass network. Coming from a gargantuan network, you would expect this one right here to rise above the average and it certainly does deliver. Its primary niches revolve around tight and squirting pussies, hardcore sex, porn videos, and high definition porn. Sure, there are a number of porn sites that cater to this sort of theme but I say that only a few come close to the goodness SluttySquirters bring. The content varies from each other despite going for the same subject matter. SluttySquirters has been around through a lot of things and you could say that it is something you should be on the lookout for.

Slutty Squirters Features

SluttySquirters is under the HD Porn Pass network so, like the rest of the porn sites they manage, this particular one right here is a pay site. A pay site would still ask you to register and make your own account; you will have to fill up a registration form first and foremost, and then you could choose a payment plan (whether you are planning to go on a monthly membership, a three month one, or a sixth month one) and a payment method. There are tons of options for both and you will never be fresh out of choices. Whichever you find most convenient, you can choose. 

If you are done with this process, then you are free to roam around and access all the features the site has to offer to its registered members. If you are quite unsure and want to check out things first, a five days trial is available for a cheap fee. Although five days is a lot of time, your access is still limited and you will only be able to view one or two things during that time. 

The site design is cute and bubbly, like the girls that are in here. Their color schemes are in between pink, blue, and black. Despite the colorful personality their site has, it remains simple and clean to look at. The navigation is easy and very simple to understand, and so is their user interface, which falls perfectly in the ‘user-friendly’ category. If I could sum up the site and its features, I could say it is rather straightforward and merely a walk in the park. 

The really helpful links are found on top of the site, just under the site’s banner. It consists of the links that will lead you to the main page, the categories page, the videos’ page, the photos’ page, the model index, the bonus sites, the live cams, and in the far right is the advanced search bar. 

Speaking of which, there are a lot of methods in here to search for the site’s content. You have the advanced search bar that is probably the easiest way to find videos if you are into being particular. You can also sort out the content of the site by their dates, titles, and ratings. Featured video thumbnails on the main page are mainly the most viewed ones. 

The site currently has 100+ photo sets as we speak and they contain 150 individual hi-res photos inside. You can download these photo sets in zip files or have them saved one by one. You will notice that the site has little content than what you expected but that does not mean the fun stops there. The updates are happening quite frequently now and aside from that, there are 80 bonus sites that you can check out for free! So long as they are under the HD Porn Pass network. These additional porn sites are not to be taken lightly as they are really hardcore, as well.

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Slutty Squirters Contents

The girls in SluttySquirtersmay be sluts but they are the beautiful kind of. Not to mention they are really banging hot. They love to fuck, masturbate, have a little lesbian action, and squirt all over the place. Some scenes are solo but most of the time, you see two people getting it on. Some girls are getting fucked by men, while some others love the feel of another woman. 

Nevertheless, the scenes here are steamy and erotic, and when the pleasure kicks in, the squirting then begins. It sure is messy but it is the kind of messy you would love to get yourself into. 
There are 60+ scenes right now and it is increasing as updates are rolling in fast. All the scenes are in high definition and they last for 20 to 25 minutes each. Full-length films are also available here. You can download them or stream them in your browser – no matter the option you go for, you still get the same 1280 x 720-pixel resolution on all films. For the videos, you can rate them or comment on them for other people to check out.
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