Shower Spy Cameras

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Shower Spy Cameras Overview

Shower Spy Cameras is about spying on girls in the shower. There are many videos of girls captured as they clean up. The content is largely soft porn stuff that is great entertainment for porn fans with a voyeur fetish. The cameras are hidden in showers and other public places where the girls are likely to pull off their blouses and skirts. The videos are all in HD form.

Shower Spy Cameras Features

The site is nicely draped in black décor that gives you a feeling of a movie theater. It feels classy and stylish immediately you land. There is a pristine display of captions gleaned from the simmering action underneath. The captions are tugged so that you are taken straight to the relevant scene once you click on any of them. It is one of the places I go to when I have a craving for high quality HD porn videos. The scenes are crisp clear; what with the 1080p image quality! The site does not provide any free tours for visitors. You must subscribe to view any videos. There is sufficient content to savor. According t the information available on the site, there is over 850 hours worth of videos to savor. I cannot personally confirm as I’m way behind in viewing the scenes. I have a little disappointment for lovers of still pics. The site does not have any photos to show. However, I guess the high number of videos is a great alternative. Besides, the videos are some of the cleanest clips you are likely to view online. The scenes are updated on daily basis. I could access the content comfortably right from my mobile device. Streaming is seamless and fast too. The videos load easily even as the player allows you to stop, rewind and forward without much ado. There are no hardcore scenes to sample but there is a wide variety of females to view as their goodies are captured on secret camera. I loved the natural feel on the site. Since the scenes are captured in secret and supposedly without the models knowledge, there is a feeling of natural encounter that is a departure from the usual choreographed performance we are all used to on other sites that try too hard, sometimes, to impress with pornstars that are often recycled from other sites.

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Shower Spy Cameras Contents

The site captures nude women in the shower from across the world’s communities. Although the primary focus is nude videos in the shower, there are a couple of other scenes that feature girls in changing rooms and even in urinary retreats. Although such a recording should reflect a natural curve in which beauty and pudgy figures are evenly balanced, it struck me that the models are mostly hot sexy and curvaceous beauties with an attractive demeanor. I guess the community from which the videos were captured is endowed with plenty of hot sexy and gorgeous women. Or on second thought, could it have been a deliberate screening strategy by the video editors on the site! The beauties spot juicy bums, popping hard nipples and sexy smiles. It also struck me that most of the models seem to be drawn from Eastern Europe. My only qualms with the videos are that a few seem a little amateurish. They seem to shake as the recording takes place. Otherwise the rest of the stuff is convincingly impressive. The fact that they are HD files easily obscures the few glitches you may spot. You have over 164 videos to sample on the site. Each of these plays for 5 minutes. The files are made in MP4 and Flash Player formats.



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