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Sakura Live Overview

Sakura Live is one of the best live cam sites for those who want to watch Japanese vixens in action. This is not only a site to watch these girls masturbate, but you can also interact with them through the live sex cams. This live sex cam guide will walk you through the unique experience in Sakura Live, so be sure that you keep your eyes glued to each section. 

Sakura Live Features

Sakura Live, for me, is a unique porn site because it offers more activities to the user compared to the typical stream and downloads porn sites. In Sakura Live, you can interact with your favorite model and you can also get the chance to control her orgasm. But before talking about the specifics, let us first dissect the appearance of the site.

At first glance, you can really tell that this site is a live cam site. The homepage will automatically greet you with an array of Japanese models who are already online and waiting for an audience for their live show. They are presented through a thumbnail picture of themselves with their name and age written at the bottom of their picture. If you click on the girls, you will be redirected to a page and here’s when two things can happen: first, if the model is already starting her show, you can watch a preview of her show. If not, you can wait for the model to start her live show. The site is dressed in shades of pink as what you can see in the background and it has accents of yellow or gold labels. At the top of the page, you will see the essentials like the remaining balance that you have, the mailbox, the favorites, and the log out button. Sitting below that is the menu bar of the site. It contains the link to the homepage, where to purchase points, FAQs, search, free videos, how to and contacts. The “purchase points” link is helpful for those who run out of points but still want to continue their experience in Sakura Live. This link provides a step by step guide on how to reload your balance and provides a safe payment method. By the way, the site also accepts various payment methods, which help lessen the hassle to the customer’s side.

Moreover, the site also has a complete set of features like sorting options and interactive tools for the customers. The sorting option allows the selection of girls to be more specific. You can sort according to the availability of the girls, the age of the girls, and the privacy setting of the shows. You can also select to display only the HD cameras, girls with sex toys, and your favorite girls. If you want to be specific in the number of viewers in a show, you can also sort it that way. The site also has a language selection where you can choose among English, Japanese and Chinese. The default language is English but you can switch to Japanese or Chinese anytime.

While watching a live cam, the site also has an interactive feature where you can communicate to the model how you are imagining things. How? There are buttons like hands, lips, and bukkake, where you can select which part you are imagining of touching, kissing or cumming on. Aside from that, there are also some chat rooms where the audience can control the sex toys that the model is using. There is also a translation feature for those who cannot understand and speak Japanese since the girls are mostly having a hard time speaking in English.

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Sakura Live Contents

The girls on the site are all amateur Japanese porn stars. These girls come in different types but most of them are really slender. They have the typical Japanese features, which I am sure a lot of guys will go crazy for. Slender frames with large breasts, the girls in Sakura Live truly deserve the spotlight. Although there are times that there might be a miscommunication since most of the girls do not speak English, there is nothing that cannot be fixed by technology nowadays.

Watching the live shows, I can say that the girls are really having the time of their lives as they masturbate and please themselves while being watched by a stranger. There are a lot of innocent looking girls in the collection as I think this is one of the most prominent features of the Japanese. The girls all look very cute that they don’t look like their real age. The girls are also using their own nicknames or code names. And when you click to see their profile, you’ll see that they come from various professions. There are some who are housewives, some are office girls.

In the videos, some of the girls do not reveal their faces while there are also some girls who are brave enough to show their entire body. If you want to avoid these shy girls, you can check their preview first before spending your points on their videos. 

Overall, the number of girls on the site is already 21000 but you can only see around 80 to 200 Japanese models who are online at a time.

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