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Rachel Aldana Overview

You may come across numerous porn stars sharing sexy pics of themselves along with a few of their friends. These adult websites are a treat to browse through as you get lots of eye-pleasing contents to enjoy. These porn stars either pose in their birth attires or in some sizzling lingerie and to tell you honestly they do look great in their pictures. The name Rachel Aldana is something which most porn lovers must have come across. She is a UK model having huge breasts and also has a similarly functioning website known as the Rachel Aldana. The website is the home of some exclusive homemade videos and galleries of this big breasted bombshell and with the subscriptions and packages which it offers; it does make sense to set up a membership account. On asking some porn stars, what is the first thing they notice about this Brit sizzler; different opinions come from different people. Some say that her face is divine; some say that her lips are kissable and they would give up everything just to get a taste of it. But when I visited the website for the first time, there were a couple of things which appealed to me about this beauty. First was her mesmerizing eyes which spoke volumes and the second was those luscious breasts. They were big and it almost seemed to me as if those huge jugs were giving me an invitation to suck them or rub my face against it. However I somehow managed to put my eyes away from those juicy big jugs and concentrated on the other aspects of the website Rachel Aldana. The website design appeared to be neat. It had a white background which made Rachel pics appear all the more appealing. The quality of the pictures was also very good. In fact on checking I found that there was about 360+ pictures and around 450+ hot movies featuring Rachel with her herd of hot sex partners. A few of the videos and picture galleries come in parts, but because of the way they are shot, they all can be considered to be separate offerings. Here you will find most of the contents to be soft-core and focusing mainly on Rachel’s boobs. In fact when I checked, I did not see even one picture showing Rachel’s pussy and her ass shots were taken with her having her panties on. Also I found the majority of the videos done by Rachel alone. Though there are a few movies which she does bring along some of her friends, but majority of them show Rachel rubbing her juicy breasts and also licking it erotically to please her viewers. You will definitely appreciate this Brit’s expertise in putting up a steamy show and on watching the entire video, you are sure to get a hard and cum-filled dick. The videos are also in top HD quality. However the disappointing thing for me during my time in this website was that the videos have a music playing in the background. That idea did not work as I was really looking forward to hear this beautiful woman’s voice. Usually in such kinds of websites, you find the star of the website heat up things by playing around body parts and also uttering some erotic words to communicate with her viewers. But here I felt that the communication was a bit absent. Despite this flaw the contents are quite good and Rachel’s erotic acts will surely titillate you.

Rachel Aldana Features

The website is not something which on visiting will awe-struck you in any way. It is simple in design with a clear and white background. However the contents which you will find in the home page appear to be more attractive because of the white background. The website however does prove to be great in its navigation. All the essential navigation options and menu bars will be present at the top of the home page and depending on whatever part of the website you plan to check out, you can do with just a single click. You will also find some of the latest videos all lined up for your views. The videos are followed by the latest pictures of Rachel. If you want to attain membership, you can do that by clicking on the join now option which will take you straight away to the sign up page. You will find that there are some blank spaces which need to be filled with your information. Simply oblige and enter the right info’s in the right options and after choosing the subscription package which is convenient for you, submit the request. The website will send out a confirmation and as you get that, your account will be activated. The updates are also quite frequent and so are sure to get new and fresh additions every time you scan the website.
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Rachel Aldana Contents

Rachel Aldana is the star of this porn portal and as you visit it, you will find all kinds of kinky boob play contents. You will find her playing around with her tits inside the shower, twisting her pink nipples and also squeezing them to arouse her viewers. In some instances she also invites some of her mates who happen to be as busty and hot as Rachel and together they play around with each other’s peculiarities. Oils and sex lubricants are commonly seen used by the actors. However one slight disappointment is that though Rachel does give a good glimpse of her juice jugs, she never appears to be completely naked. The videos still make way for great viewing as they are shot with HD cameras and appear lively. The use of background is a flaw as per the opinion of many members and viewers. Still the sound quality is good and does make way for good viewing. The pictures are also crisp and clear and can be downloaded altogether in one zip file. The videos can be downloaded as per the normal modes or can be watched online by streaming it on a Flash media player.



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