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There many porn sites lately. Therefore there is a race to grab porn fans with all manner of offers and other goodies. Yet, in my view, what really matters and helps a site grow is the amount of unique content they provide. I mean, a departure from the traditional form tends to arouse more interest. Our Sex Photos has found a special niche. It isn’t really an ingenious idea but I think that is the catch. While others are thinking hard of how they can add a twist, the site thinks simple and decides to give you what you don’t get on the porn scene much but is part of your life. This site specializes in homemade amateur photos and videos.

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The site sports a unique mix of colors for its background scenes. There are yellow, red, black and even orange shades splashed on the panes and across the scenes. I guess it is their way of trying to catch the attention of visitors. There is an impressive sense of order too. I loved the way they quickly took me up and led me through the content of the site with their free tour. Although the tour isn’t your high-tech flash trailer you might be used to, I was at least able to get a general impression of what I was up to. There is a rich array of sex scenes and various acts captured in different locations. One of the most outstanding aspects that I noted even before I delved deeper with my subscription was the large number of amateur but superbly gorgeous girls. There are categories to help you choose too. If you wish to go straight to the specific scenes, you can click on the tagged captions and enjoy the scenes that lie underneath. Thus, I found the browsing tools fairly sufficient for my mission. I didn’t even notice the absence of an elaborate search tool. The site has a rich amount of content to savor. There are many galleries with innumerable photos. The photos and videos are constantly updated. In fact, it is one of the few sites that guarantee you new updates every day. You have access to a range of action on the site too. I could access the content from my mobile phone; even though it’s one of those dated types. Even if you are not given to consumerism and have decided to keep your nice little outdated phone that can access the net, don’t fret, you are likely to surf across the site with relative ease. I didn’t see any bonus sites or live cam shows but I guess I have no reason to complain. It’s been a while since I subscribed but haven’t seen all there is on the site yet. There is more than enough content to savor.

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The girls are gorgeous. The photos and videos are richly original and homemade. There is a mix of the new and the old; a true reflection of reality. New is not necessarily what turns me on anyway. I was presented with hot scenes involving beautiful girls and dudes in erotic encounters. You have a range of girl on girl action too. In fact, the site explores all aspects of porn entertainment. If you have a fetish, you are provided with some decent amount of fetish sex encounters too. The dudes come across as energetic and sexually charged bulls who take it to the girls with a vengeance. The girls; though amateurish, they spread out and suck up the cocks with ease and pleasure. I love the natural set up. There are many girls with their full curly pubic hair as the dudes penetrate their dark bushes with enthusiastic and goal-bound cocks. I also loved the variety. The next scene came on with girls in deep sensual encounters as they squeezed boobs and played with each other’s clits. You also get some anal play and penetration too. You have over 203 videos to savor on the site. Each video plays for one minute. The files are made in MP4 and Flash. The galleries number a whopping 1897 with 98 pics per set. You can download the content in a zip file.

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