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There are a lot of porn stars right now. This is a certified fact. The porn industry might be booming because of the number of people who want to work in this line of job, or it might be the other way around – the reason why there are a lot of people wanting to work for porn is because the porn industry is booming today. In any case, one thing is for sure, a new porn amateur is born every single day. 

It might not be too apparent if you are only a member of a single porn site, or even if you are a member of a porn network, or even if you are someone who only watches porn through free sites. The reason is because these sites usually focus on the porn veterans or those who already have a large fan base. But if you work for porn, like me, as a porn site review writer, you will always see new people, new girls, new bodies, every single day. It’s amazing. 
However, there are also only a few who are really devoted to porn. Those that have already offered their lives, their heart, and soul to the benefit of their porn fans and to the advancement of their career in the porn industry. I know it might sound kinda sappy, but it’s true and I really admire people like these. It goes to show that porn is just like any other industry, and a job here is just like any regular job, despite the critics of the skeptics. 

Hence, I am actually pretty psyched and honored right now to be writing this review, because the porn site that we are going to view today is actually a personal site of one of the most devoted porn stars around. I’m not going to be surprised if you have already heard of her. Her name is Lori Anderson, and we are going to talk about her porn site, My Sex Life. 

Let us talk a bit about her first. She has been in the industry for a long time now. According to the introduction on the porn site, she started in 1999. And like other porn stars, she also has her own specialties and that is giving live sex cam shows! While other porn stars prefer anal, or group sex, Lori, on the other hand, loves the attention given to her. She says that the thought of being on cam and people watching what she is actually doing turns her on, making what she does all the more fulfilling. Now that’s a real porn star.

My Sex Life Features

Now the porn site is designed to be some sort of a visual diary. In fact, the tagline of the site is to serve as a “porn diary”. It is funny how the porn site refers to her as an amateur. For me, it’s just Lori being humble of all her achievements in the industry, and also because she doesn’t necessarily do porn movies.

Anyway, once you have already landed on the homepage, the first thing that you are going to see is a really big collage. It fills up the entire webpage because you can still see parts of it, even after scrolling down a couple of times. This collage contains a big picture of her and a bunch of other screenshots coming from the videos that you are going to see on the porn site. This collage serves as a background of sorts because you will see an embedded video trailer (a free preview trailer) on it as well, along with the different membership perks that you will get once you have decided to join the website.

Then, after scrolling down, below the big collage, you will see different batches of thumbnails. The first batch shows high-resolution photo albums. The second one features videos. And finally, the third one features the different updates (this is helpful if you are actually watching out for a certain video series that she has created).

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My Sex Life Contents

Now the girl in the site is obviously Lori Anderson. To those who are not yet enlightened of who she is or what she looks like, she is a gorgeous blonde exhibitionist who just loves to have fun, have sex, and let other people watch. It is as simple as that! And if you enjoy watching people have sex live, then you two are going to get along just swell. 

In fact, according to her message on the porn site itself, she likes to keep a connection with her viewers, so if you want to connect with Lori, then joining My Sex Life is the best way to do just that! And don’t worry, because aside from Lori, you are also going to see a lot of other porn stars here. After all, isn’t it going to be a bit boring and sad to see her all by her lonesome, every single time? Of course, she’s not going to be alone! And she has a lot of porn friends to help her out. 

As for the content, because this is a diary type of porn site, expect to see a huge variety of different scenes. The videos in My Sex Life would actually touch on a lot of different porn genres and niches, so if you want to see a little bit of everything while enjoying the live sex show experience, then this is the perfect site for you.



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