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Man Royale Overview

Man Royale is billed to come with some of the most progressive gay sex entertainment ideas. I visited the platform, yet again, and unveiled a couple of facts that make Man Royale stand tall in gay porn entertainment. Their focus on customer satisfaction is a great strategy that is set to make the platform soar even higher. You are treated to exclusive content that comes in great quality HD videos and high-res photos.

Man Royale Features

The designers chose on grey as the dominant background hue. I wasn’t quite sure why, at first, but I soon discovered that gray is one of the most effective contrast colors for text, video and photo content in the foreground. I was stirred to the excitement by the range of access options provided on the home page. Users are invited to a list of tagged captions that offer a preview of the videos. I could click on any of the vidcaps to start off my sex entertainment session.

The list of categories helped me to quickly catch a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface in the entertainment pot. I could select content using several finer tweaks. Users can access and browse content either on the primary site or on the wider network. If you are hooked on the idea of bonuses on your primary plan offer, you have another reason to smile because there are two bonus sites that you have for free as extras. Check out Men PoV, Thick, and Big for your ultimate entertainment.

I could also check out the videos and photos directly from my mobile phone. Man Royale, has been tweaked for mobile access. The loading speed is fast and seamless on mobile too. I could visit the platform and enjoy raunchy sex entertainment from any location; with internet access. The videos on Man Royale come in HD form. The photos are also some of the clearest, well-taken images, I have ever seen in porn. All the scenes are exclusive to Man Royale. The fact that there is a weekly update has helped the platform stay on top of the game by keeping you on the edge of your seat with something fresh most of the time.

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Man Royale Contents

There are no girls but you are promised a lot more. The gay models have a positive attitude that makes the movies all the more impressive. The selection of the hunks must be a rigorous process that leads to an exceptionally handsome set of dudes. You are treated to a great variety of sex entertainment. There are scenes that feature dudes sucking each other’s cocks until cum juts out. Other scenes feature the dudes in a tight embrace as they enjoy each other’s sturdy bodies. Indeed, apart from the conspicuously great looks, the dudes selected happen to come with the most sexually appealing bodies. I couldn’t help admiring the hard tight muscles. They also come with massive cocks that fill their mates’ assholes to inject pleasure and cum into the bums.

The scenes come with descriptions that will help you to connect with the ensuing action. I loved the steamy and stylish sex encounter between Ethan Slade and Derek Parker. Parker sports beautiful tattoos etched on his chest and upper arm. Derek. Ethan is energetic, sexy and equally attractive. Ethan allows his mate to screw him deep in the ass in an exciting doggy sex position that got me drooling.

You have over 250 scenes to savor. Each of the scenes has a playback stretch of 30 minutes on average. If you love still photos, catch up with over 250 galleries with an equal number of photos per set. There is no limit to a number of downloads you can make. Users can watch the content in WMV, MP4, MPEG and Flash Player formats.



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    year: $9.95/mo
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