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iStripper Overview

As a person who technically works in the porn industry as a writer of porn reviews, I feel happy whenever I see a new thing coming. In this line of job, we see a lot of videos, scenes, and more. We are already familiar with the different porn niches, genres, and usual fetishes. We have also seen our own fair share of really unique porn stuff (and if you have been reading our reviews for a while, then I’m sure that you have too). These are the reasons why it can be pretty hard to get surprised already because it feels that you have seen so much already, you know? 
Which is why when there’s a new innovation somewhere, whether it’s how we enjoy the videos, or how the scenes are presented, we get thrilled so much! I know I personally do. This is why when we discovered iStripper, we were like, “yeah, I totally wanna download that and give it a try!”. Let me now share with you what this is and what we have recently discovered. 

We usually review porn sites, and iStripper actually walks a slim line in between different worlds. What is it, anyway? Well, it is a freeware or a free software that you can download. It enables an actual stripper to dance on your taskbar. Yes, that’s right. Once you have downloaded the program, you will have a mini stripper dance on your computer and give you a personal strip dance anytime at no cost! 

Now, do not underestimate the power of this program. You are going to be pleasantly surprised to see that the graphics and just overall technology that they have used is absolutely amazing. We are going to talk about this later on in the review.
For now, let me just give you a brief overview and some directions to help you out and install iStripper on your computer. First, you need to access their website, it is there that you are going to find the link that would allow you to download the program for free. Once you have downloaded it, all you need to do is to double-click on it, you know, as you would install any regular program or PC game, and that’s it. It is also very easy to uninstall as well. So you are not going to worry about removing it from your computer. Finally, if you are worried, that as a freeware, this is actually all just a scam, well, it’s not. The program has absolutely no spyware, adware, virus, or any malicious content. So you are absolutely safe with nothing to worry about.

iStripper Features

Since it is actually a program, we are going to talk about the design of the software and the website where it is presented. Starting with the website, it is very classy and minimal with an overall white color theme. Note that it is also the same with the program – having a plain white background. This enables the viewer or user to enjoy the graphics being presented because there is nothing else to take away or distract you from what you really want to see and focus on.

Everything that you need to learn about the free software is already on the site, all on one page. There is no need for you to open other pages anymore. For other additional information, they are all embedded already in the site via javascript with pop-up like effects. Also, they have taken the liberty of answering already every question that you might have with regards to their service, which is probably a product of their experience already since their program has already been downloaded twenty-two million times. Impressive, right? 

As for the program, it is very easy (and incredibly fast) to install. It also has a very user-friendly interface. You are not going to have any difficulties finding the stripper that you want and what type of dance you prefer. In fact, to help you out, even more, they have created a “featured” section on the program already containing the most popular porn stars and stripper videos that they currently offer.

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iStripper Contents

So iStripper is a freeware that allows strippers to dance on your taskbar, basically on your desktop, even without the internet. It installs to your computer and that’s it. You can just update it anytime. They currently have more than five hundred “strippers” or porn stars at your disposal. They even have the popular stars like Valentina Nappi, Skin Diamond, and more! 

Now, they are not technically videos because they look much like virtual dancing porn stars, but the technology used in recording them are in ultra high definition to make sure that your ladies are clear and crisp, even if they don’t have any background. This is done to make the dancers seem more realistic as if they are actually inside your screen as opposed to watching porn videos that are within another screen if you get what I’m saying. 
They used the latest UHD 4K technology with different high resolutions to choose from to guarantee a high definition experience every single time. 

As for the dances, all the non-nude ones are free but if you want to take iStripper to another level, you may purchase credits and use these credits to purchase nude shows that you can add to your strip dance collection on top of the free non-nude ones.


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