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What is Great Britain known for? A lot would argue that the first thing that would come to mind is royalty, while some, education. However, we are sure that everyone would agree if we say that one of the best characteristics of this great country is its class and elegance. In all of our experience in writing different porn reviews, we can even conclude that even Brit porn sites have class (more so when compared with other porn sites coming from other countries). This is the reason why we have always enjoyed writing reviews for British porn sites because we also have such fun in viewing their offerings as well. We have noticed though that most of their porn sites only feature women – and there is no doubt why it is so. The reason is because there are just a lot of hot beautiful women in Great Britain for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Not to mention, that some of the most famous European porn stars in the industry today came from there. However, this could also be a bit unfair to the other porn-watching crowd: those that enjoy lesbian and gay porn. In this light, we have considered it our mission for the past couple of days to find a good porn site featuring Brit gay porn, and this is what we found: Hard Brit Lads. We have found a fancy porn site featuring fancy Brit dudes! And we cannot be happier. As you may already know, our office is full of straight men, however, all of us are just genuine porn enthusiasts who enjoy watching different kinds of porn just for the love and appreciation of it. In fact, we even go out of the way at times (like today) to feature porn sites that cater to different niches which we have found important to get featured. And today, we are going to do so for Hard Brit Lads. As what we have already mentioned, it is a porn site that features British gay porn, and in this porn site you will find some of the hottest and sexiest guy on guy scenes all made in the Great B, and all featuring some of the hottest British male porn stars in the industry today. We did not notice if it is a part of any porn network, as it was not mentioned in the porn site, but even if it is not, then that’s still fine by us. After all, what we seek is already provided by the porn site alone, and in great quality and quantity as well. Not to mention, that a lot of times, standalone porn sites actually get more updates as compared to some of the porn sites that belong to bigger porn networks. The reason is because a network’s attention is divided into how many porn sites they are currently maintaining. Anyway, let us now move on to the different membership plans that this porn site has to offer because we all know that you can’t wait to hear them for much longer. Well, here they are: a one-day trial option, a monthly membership, a 180-day promo, and a special one-year promo (which has the lowest monthly payment). Just be informed that all of these plans are recurring ones.

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All we can say about their website design is that you will already know immediately what their porn site is all about because it is very straightforward. There are no other images or advertisements, and all of their text is given a big and easy-to-read font size, that shares the font-style with the main logo. Once you have landed on the homepage, the first thing that you are going to see is the sliding banner, mostly because of its size, and of course, the striking pictures that are on it. These pictures show what the most hardcore sex scenes that you are going to find in their videos. Below the banner, you will already see the thumbnails, along with some trailers that you can watch. These thumbnails are aptly sized for you to be able to see the high-quality of their videos. They are pretty simple, though, with only the title and the date when the video was uploaded. And that’s it; those are the only things that you are going to see on the landing page. If you want to learn more about the porn site, what we suggest is for you to visit the other pages as well.

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One thing that we have really enjoyed about this porn site is that if you really love British male pornstars, then you will surely find them here. Yes, that’s right. They have the most famous names in the British porn industry under their website. Some of them are Justin Harris, Mackenzie Cross, and David Jones, just to name a few. We are sure that you are going to find more familiar names once you explore the porn site further. Aside from the famous ones, Hard Brit Lads also have new porn stars too, whose faces you won’t find elsewhere other than this exclusive porn site’s videos. We also enjoyed watching some of their videos because you can still see the slight hesitance on their faces as they explore their sexuality. Not to mention that we always love seeing and discovering new porn stars, almost as much as new porn sites. As for the videos, we appreciate that they have made different kinds of porn scenes. Usually, other porn sites dedicated to gay genre only focus on ass-fucking and nothing more. This always disappoints us. However, in Hard Brit Lads, you get to see variety in scenes and videos – providing you different views of the different angles of this niche.



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