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Gay Friend Finder Overview

Gay Friend Finder is one of the most active gay porn sites and has a large number of members from different parts of the globe. You can not only find hot pictures and gay HD videos in the collection but you also have a higher chance to meet people that match your searches. Gay Friend Finder comes in three different membership options to welcome you in a hot gay porn experience.

Gay Friend Finder Features

The site design of Gay Friend Finder is very user-friendly and up to date. It is equipped with tools that are very efficient to use. You can access all these tools easily as they can be found almost anywhere on every page of the site. The homepage of the site greets you with a very simple layout where you can find registration forms and statistics about the site. If you are not yet logged in, you will find a login form at the upper right section of the page where you can fill in your username and password. One click on the login button and you will easily find yourself in the member’s area of the site. Compared to the free tour, the member’s area is filled with lots of amazing finds.

Aside from setting up your profile, you can also head over to the browse section to look for members that match your preference. You can browse through 50,000 active members from different parts of the globe, view each of their profiles, and chat with them. The chat box is your “go-to” page if you want to interact with online members. This is usually the busiest yet the most entertaining page of the site. There are over a thousand chat rooms to join but the most basic one is the Lobby. For starters, you might want to hang out in this chat room to get started. If you want to be more specific, you can search a chat room by location or by keyword.

 The chat rooms are also ranked according to the top interest groups so if you want to skip the Lobby, you can also jump into these top interest groups and have fun. You can also read articles and write your own tips and advice in the Magazine section of the site. In this section, you can either add your own question and read other member’s answers, add your own article and engage with the readers or start a blog and introduce yourself to the community.

The most famous article in the site is about Bisexual Issues, which already has 85 entries. Second is article about building relationships, which already has 53 entries. Right next to it are the Breaking Up articles with over 19 counts. If you want to spice up your profile even more, you can also create a page about yourself in the Blog section of the site. There are currently over 3,500 blogs and over 7,000 posts in the site right now. You can discover blogs according to location, through forums or jump straight into the FAQs. You can also browse authors or keywords. On the other hand you can also read other member’s blog and get a higher chance of getting to know more about them. 

Along with all these features, the site also has a bunch of videos in which some of them are softcore porn and 29 hot photos to enjoy. The site is also mobile friendly. Good news for iPhone users, it has an app that you can download for free! If you want to be a member, you can either choose the free membership or the paid membership. Of course, members who pay a fee get to enjoy more benefits than the free members. Some of the added features are access to blogs and magazines, and viewing the pictures of other members. Even the paid members are also categorized into two– the silver and the gold. Silver members enjoy lesser benefits than the gold members. Gold members, on the other hand, can get full access to the site and are always on the top spot of every search result.

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The site has a massive collection. In fact, you can find over 6,000 members from New York alone. In Australia, you can find 1765 members in New South Wales. Surprisingly for South Africa, there are over 1500 gay men lurking around the site too! Asians are also active in Gay Friend Finder, where India has the most active members and the Philippines coming to the second place with 4,300 members. All these figures are not even half of the entire Gay Friend Finder community but the important thing is that wherever you are in the globe there’s always a high chance to meet someone from the site.

The models are a mix of everything here— not only with the physique but also with the age. Speaking of which, there are models that does not look like their age. Most of the models here are single— well, at least that’s what they add in their profile. And although this site is most likely a dating site, you can also find models that are only looking for companion. Regardless if you prefer a chubby or a masculine build, you can easily find your type in the Gay Friend Finder community.



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