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Exposed Indian Girls Overview

Indian girls are getting more and more popular in the porn industry, and with the loads of newer and newer home-made porn videos appearing online, sites like the Exposed Indian GFs can make a stand and plan for the long run. On this site, you get a neat compilation of hardcore porn videos, with gorgeous Indian girls recorded during quite explicit acts. The site doesn’t have such a big fame, so it was a somewhat hard to get info about it for our Exposed Indian GFs review.

It looks like the site launched during 2012, so it’s not an old site, however, it’s certain that much of the content dates back before the launch date. The video updates are random, and by this we actually mean really random. No batch-updates; when the guys behind the site get a video with a hot Indian, they add it. The same goes for the sexy photo sets too. Good news is that while you wait for a new update to appear, you can enjoy more ethnic porn and interracial sex on the network sites. The Exposed Indian GFs is a site of the so-called TeenieAccess network. When you enter this site, you will come to the conclusion that it’s really hot, especially when you consider that 47 additional porn sites are yours to browse.
Now, there are a few things you have to know: the content of this site and of the network sites is not exclusive – the videos are a mix of amateur and studio porn. Some of the site seems to share the same content, but there is always something on an actual site which isn’t on the other. It’s quite sure you have seen some of the videos and photos on other girlfriend sites, but here you get ethnic porn, interracial porn, BBWs, fetishes and even shemales.

Exposed Indian Girls Features

If you are an experienced girlfriend-porn seeker, you probably won’t be too surprised to note that the tour of the Exposed Indian GFs is a just as all others’ of this niche: thumbnails listed, but literally ever click takes you to the signup page. A short trailer or whatsoever would have been good. But, you can head in, because the site seems to keep its promises. So, the inner section looks surprisingly fine. Finally it’s a site that has some customizations done, and not just the plain basic template. The menu on the top will has a link to the movies, the photos, the bonus DVDs (!) and to the other extras. There are two dropdown menus too: one for the other sites and one for the DVDs. You can also see a list of the most popular network sites.

Only one video format is offered for download, and that’s the MP4 in an average resolution, maximizing at a 480p SD. Because of this, the embedded player is also good, and watching the videos online is a valid option. The playback experience is fine. There is a large collection of photo galleries, and they might prove to be really fine, especially if you consider that they are all actual photos.

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Exposed Indian GFs Contents

The Exposed Indian GFs will serve your Indian-girl fixation pretty well. Though the site claims to have genuine user-submitted amateur porn with actual Indian girlfriends, some of the scenes are just too good to be real home-made flicks. With this kept in mind, we have to say that this portal really has a fine selection of girls. Some of them may be actual porn stars, and there are live cam models here too, but you can actually find a lot of real-life Indian girlfriends among the hotties here. Their brown skin is sexy, makes them unique, and to be honest their dark hair and real Indian-looks are what turned us on. We are quite certain that a few of these hotties are porn stars, especially because there are girls appearing in more than one video, and those flicks really look studio-made (though they are shot in home-like environment).

One of the best things about these girls is that they are not enhanced, everything on them is natural. As you explore the collection, you will run into girls with fine round breasts, from the medium-sized range, and there are going to be gorgeous busty Indian princesses too. It doesn’t matter if they are amateurs or professionals, they are doing a really good job, and when they get turned on, they really get crazy and do things you wouldn’t even believe they can do.
We liked the videos here, but we have to tell you, that the quality is a bit inconsistent. The scenes of the Exposed Indian GFs are coming from different sources, and it looks like the studio-produced videos are also made to look like amateur footage. The actual amateur videos are not great in picture quality, but the juicy sex they feature is awesome and it’s the best you can get. You can forget the overplayed acts of those big-shot pornstar, because here the girls are moaning and sighing for real, and they enjoy what they do. Some might debate it, but there is nothing more exciting than consensual sex, which is good for both parties. And it’s even hotter when it’s done by cute Indians.
There is mostly vaginal penetration, and naturally, the amateur flicks are not so spectacular, however you may see some really hot positions. Most of the footage comes from the couples’ bedrooms, however there are kitchens and bathrooms desecrated with hot sex too, and some horny cuties are daring enough to do public sex too.
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