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If you browse the internet for porn, you will realise that there seem to be an overflow of sites that offer porn. This is quite a surprise as many people pretend they don’t love porn and never watch it. So who are all these sites for if many people are too morally upright to watch porn? That is just to tell you that the next time that friend of yours start bragging about how they don’t watch porn because porn is bad, just ignore those. They are among those who pretend they hate porn and spend nights cumming to stupid free porn videos. That is not to say that free porn is bad it’s just that most of the time it sucks really badly. If you have ever tried watching some of these free porn movies, they are either using poor quality cameras to film, and the acting is really poor or they have filled the whole screen with advertisement such that you are constantly distracted. There is one free site that promises its future members full high definition videos and content that is super packed with action. This site is called Da Pink. Knowing the free porn syndrome, it is possible that this is just another one of them trying to lure unsuspecting members to register on their site with the promise of quality content only for the members to be presented with rubbish content. As such, we decided to check out the site for ourselves. Da Pink is a site that offers free fresh hardcore porn that according to them cannot be found anywhere else. Their content is completely exclusive to their site and they make use of some very fresh face models. The site carries a lot of content in ass fucking and some of the videos could be considered to fall under the BDSM category. According to the site owners, there is actually no cost for becoming a member on the site. All that is needed s for you who is hoping to enjoy content on the site to navigate to the site and click on the signup tab. You will be presented with an online registration form where you will be asked to fill your personal details and create and account. You will also be asked your credit card details but as the site owners put it, this is just to help them confirm that you are actually over 19 and allowed to use the site. Da Pink may have a lot of competitors but it is better than most of its competition because is a free site that offers all its content in HD. Also, this site only carries hardcore porn performed by freshies; their models are very fresh so you may never have seen them anywhere else on the web. They also offer bonus sites to their registered members. This site was created by a group of fresh sex-obsessed guys who understand some of the fantasies that porn addicts like them have. As such they have tried to bring some of these fantasies to the screen.

Da Pink Features

The main website of the site as it is presented to the visitor has little in the way of tools and features but it can still be navigated with ease. This homepage has a lot of videos that are only a sample of some of what those with an account on the site get to watch. If you scroll further down on this page, you will find a summary of what the site is all about and what the site owners hope to achieve with it. If you do click on one of the videos on the home page you will be taken to the video page where you can watch the video and also find out other videos that are currently being watched on the site. You will also be given a list of suggested videos to watch. At the bottom of the list of suggested videos, you will find a link to the Da Pink blog. If you click on this, you will be taken to another page that looks more like what the members’ area should look. This page opens the free tub page and here there is a more comprehensive menu tab that includes tabs for webcam, masturbation, striptease, amateur, fresh live sex and dating.

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Da Pink Contents

As has been mentioned before, the models on this site are barely allowable freshies. Most of them have just reached maturity and their bodies are just about getting used to the freedom that comes with maturity. They are now discovering their bodies in ways they never knew and they are getting the boys to help them. The girls are naughty and they always seem to be horny. They are exploring new areas and are happy to get fucked in the ass. It may be aweful but the sheer delight of getting their assholes properly assaulted on helps to turn them on more. They are fucked in every hole possible but you will find most of the videos featuring scenes with ass fucking. They are either having dicks there or if dicks are not available, they will use dildos and other objects to insert into their asses. These girls are fucked silly and then given cum to drink. In one of the videos “lets fuck before your parents get home”, one model decides to bring her boyfriend over because her parents are out. As they frolic together, they started feeling horny and the boyfriend convinces the girl to let him fuck her fast before her parents come back. He fucks her hard in her pussy then cums all over her face. As the site owners claimed, the videos are all in full high definition. They are available for download by those who have created accounts on the site. The videos can be downloaded in two different mp4 formats. They can also be watched directly online using the embedded flash player.

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