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It becomes hard for the lovers of porn to get good action nowadays, mostly due to the porn industry failing to deliver satisfying content, innovative and passionate. Well, it is good to know, in such times, that there still is a site where such content exists, and it keeps on getting more and more of it. Compton Booty, as its name might suggest, has a lot of nice, black girls taking dicks in their asses, but in their pussies, too, for some hardcore fun.

Compton Booty Features

And hardcore goes so well with a good design, especially one that gets its features to stand out. And nothing makes the hardcore stand out more than a simple design. Do not mistake simple for bad looking, as in this case, simple means very user-friendly, but still with enough style to beat a lot of the other sites which are littered with eye candy. Here, you get a black background with buttons colored purple, and a lot of previews of the content that you will get to see upon joining. Mostly still images fill the home page, but there is also one playable video that you can look at, in order to get a more moving experience. If you look closely, you will see that the site has no lag, and that loading videos is as easy as pressing a few buttons, due to the good optimization and sorting options. The site also works marvelously well on mobile devices, and loading the videos takes but a touch of the screen, and the slide of the finger.

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Compton Booty Contents

With that in mind, you might be well off, as enjoying this site is more than possible, with the price being so cheap, and with all the content that you would be getting by joining. That stands to show that a site can be done in a good way and still have the content of the highest quality. The girls on this site are absolutely hot, their black bodies radiating with sex appeal, and their lust for the dicks is obvious, as they take them in the most hardcore ways. Pussy fucking with a black dick can be challenging but anal action becomes almost impossible, yet these girls not only pull it off, but they also get orgasms during such intense fun. Their love of sex is easily transferred from the screen, and their lust is something to look at with admiration and arousal. The videos last 20 minutes, average, and they are numerous, more being added daily. With an HD resolution, the details of that anal close up become much clearer, to the point where you can study anatomy. With so much to see, and so many new things being added daily, you might think that this site could not provide you with more, and that would be a mistake. You can also download all of the videos, and not just stream them. With that in mind, it is good to know that you have over 40 sites to explore, and all of their content becomes available for downloading, and mind you, all of their content is different, as every site deals with a different niche of porn.



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