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Chanel Santini Overview

Chicks with dicks? Why the hell not? Especially if she’s as cute as this lovely TS pornstar Chanel Santini. For you folks who would like to see some intense TS fucking, ChanelSantini got loads of it.

ChanelSantini features the gorgeous Chanel. The website showcases exclusive high-quality clips of her fucking with other chicks or just pleasuring herself. All the videos are in high definition and professionally shot.
Members get full access to the great video collection ready for download and all of the photos in amazing quality. They also get access to live cam shows.

Chanel Santini Features

The website prompts the visitors to confirm they are of age before proceeding to the homepage. The headers are neatly streamlined on the upper portion of the website, so the navigation through the sections is seamless and fast.

From the banner to the background, the site showcases the oozing sexiness of Chanel. The free clips are lined up straight on the body of the homepage, they’re provocatively inviting and add up to the buildup of excitement behind the pants. Aside from the scenes with the lovely Chanel, there is also a link that is hooked up with other scenes from the whole Trans Erotica Network.

At the right side of the page, there is a Twitter widget that displays all the latest content from Chanel’s account, so there is no reason to miss out on her updates.

ChanelSantini also covers her live cam shows which would truly squeeze the sweat and the jizz out of you. However, only members get to experience this hidden paradise.

The movies featured on the website are arranged perfectly with large thumbnails to whet your appetite. There are also brief descriptions below each thumbnail, which are fun and gives you the gist of what to expect in the videos. Some descriptions are written in first-person by Chanel and they are quite inviting, so to speak.

There’s also a section on the website that lets the members enjoy some clips made by other TS pornstars in the TransErotica network. Waiting for videos to load is not a concern for the visitors because the streaming takes only a jiffy to load the videos and you are all set to fuck station.

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Chanel Santini Contents

And as you expect, the videos on the main website are movies capturing the sexual prowess of Chanel. You can see her in her alone time gratifying herself or fucking another hot ass model or even a chair. Well, why not?
In one of the videos, you can see Chanel fucking a stool. Wait, a stool?! Okay, maybe not the chair itself but there’s a black fat dildo sitting atop the stool penetrating her from behind while she is stroking round and round her hard cock. With that eloquent look on her face, it’s difficult not to get a boner while watching her doing her thing with her hair neatly tied up and she’s down in her leopard lingerie. She finishes making a hot mess out of that black defenseless dildo covered in her hot slippery cum.
Role play, anyone? What about a gag play? Why not both? In this scene, Chanel acts out as a captor with Jasmeen doing the honors of being bound, gagged and pounded. It starts out as Jasmeen wandered unsuspectingly into a not-so-suspicious door, Chanel lies in, waits and successfully overpowers Jasmeen. Jasmeen then woke up gagged with her legs and hands all tied up in a position that allows her to lay it all out. Chanel then took out her whip and had some fun with it before tearing off Jasmeen’s see-through nightie. Jasmeen suffers, you can say she enjoyed being licked and caressed all over. From her stunning huge rack down to her tamed wet pussy. Chanel then takes it to another level as she removed the gag from Jasmeen’s mouth and replaced it with a bigger one, her cock. She slams her hips against Jasmeen’s face in a jaw-numbing blowjob. Chanel then made her way to Jasmeen’s pussy and fucked her hard, Jasmeen could do nothing but to enjoy the hard play. It ends in a sticky mess with Jasmeen all covered in Chanel’s all white jizz.
A pictorial gone sexual. And that’s exactly what the next clip is about. In the beginning of the video, Chanel does a pictorial with a fellow TS pornstar Alexa Scout. It starts off with them doing naughty poses and turned into a touchy-feely scene. It did not take long for the room temperature to shoot up and they took off those little clothes they had, to begin with. From stroking each other’s dick to sucking them, their passion for great sex is overwhelming. The sweet naughty pictorial looks like another video when they began stuffing each other’s butthole with their hard cocks. They pounded and rubbed each other until they are both covered with each other’s love juice.
And you’ll see Jasmeen here again on this one video, without the gag and ropes this time. You’ll see her go down and stuff Chanel’s hard cock deep into her throat. Jasmeen then proceeded to ride Chanel’s dick with vengeance. It all ends up with Chanel still prevailing, leaving Jasmeen’s pussy salivating with Chanel’s goo. All of the videos are in the captivating full high definition and they all come with tantalizing photo sets.


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