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Steamy, exciting sex with no strings attached, that’s what all men dream about. It’s not impossible to achieve, but you should have to work for it hard, always going to bars and parties, and get some slutty chick want to have sex with you. Now, the videos on CasualTeenSex are giving a feeling that picking up girls is very easy, you just need to say something and their panties is going down so hard it burns a hole to China. The actual videos on the site are really awesome, though you should know that this is not amateur porn, no matter what the site promotes. Some of the participants may be amateurs, but there is always a guy handling the camera, while if it was real amateur porn, it would have been captured in PoV. The sex that happens on the screen is really good, and that’s another point where you can see the professionalism, because the girls do it like pornstars, they suck and fuck like a pro. As for the stories, the videos are covering multiple fantasies in reality-porn form, and you can see random encounter you may have dreamt of. There are casual meetings on the streets, watching TV turning into some juicy sex and a lot more stories. The videos are exclusive, and the site has been online for a few years now, so don’t expect the older scenes to be HD, but rest assured that there are HD videos. The membership has multiple benefits, and apart from the videos of this page, you can browse through 20 more sites, each offering hardcore porn and gorgeous girls. There are more than 6000 videos offered to you for watching or downloading. There are many porn niches covered, and you may find here some heavier ones also, like anal sex, double penetration, and monstercocks.

CasualTeenSex Features

The tour page of the CasualTeenSex is simple, and it offers you a short tour, which gives you the ability to browse through the site and enjoy the thumbnails that you can see throughout the tour page. Opening the site from the browser of a smart phone or a tablet will result in loading the same site and you will see that it is not optimized and any way. It’s probably going to happen in the near future, at least that what you can depict from the fact that on the top of the screen the site marks itself as mobile ready. In the members’ zone you can find a search engine to help you out when you are looking for something particular you have in mind, and there are categories and tags to narrow down the results. The videos are yours to watch offline if you take your time and download everything you want. There are WMV, MP4, FLV and 3GP options though it seems that the best quality is offered by the MP4 and the WMV formats. The online stream is also an option, and you will see that it’s good option too. Most scenes offer higher resolution pictures too, collected into sets that you can save in a zip file view online.

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CasualTeenSex Contents

The models on the CasualTeenSex are gorgeous Czech cuties that get picked up, and fucked hard. With these cuties, it’s hard to depict whether they are amateurs or not. There are so many different girls appearing in these movies, that it’s simply seems that they are really amateurs. Take note however, that the CasualTeenSex is part of a network that has 21 sites, and the models all appear in videos on the network pages, so it’s only safe to consider that the girls are professionals and semi-professionals. As a real porn enthusiast, during your adventure in the world of online porn, you may have already found sites focusing on the Bohemian (historical name of the Czech people) cuties. There is something very hot and tempting in these Czech girls, and if we can believe the movies, they can be easily picked up if you have lots of cash. They are very expensive though, fucking them could easily cost the guys about 800-1000 dollars, which is a month’s wage in the European countries. The girls are worth it though, because they look fantastic, and when they turned on, they fuck the soul out of the guy. The chicks on the CasualTeenSex are amazingly cute, and they have tight natural body, and when they get naked you will see that they are really hot. Since the site is reality-porn page, you will notice that the movies are staged. How can you tell that the movies are not amateur sex scenes? Well, the answer is simple: there is always a third party who handles the camera, while the other guy seduces and fucks the girl. The scenes are staged, and though they are all set up to look like real casual encounters, you can tell that they are not that. You must give credit for the folks behind the site for their thorough work on the details, because while the guys are usually the same 8-10 lads, the girls are always different, and the places where they fuck are not the same apartment, thus you really get the impression that these are real amateur footages. You will find here some nasty thing happening though, because the videos often end in creampies, and there are movies where some interracial sex takes place. At this time, you can find 273 movies on the CasualTeenSex. They all offer you varied, arousing sex, and when you start watching them, you will notice that they are full scenes, and they go on for more than 20 minutes usually.

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