Bitch Stop

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Bitch Stop Overview

Have you ever wanted to find a new site, one that offers something different from the things that you have seen so far? If yes, then I do have a site for you, and that is called BitchStop. This is a great site that has quite a variety of girls on it. They love fucking and in this case, they love fucking their rescuers who give them a ride to safety and an orgasm, apparently. They are into some kinky stuff, so be sure that you will see more than just a blowjob and a pussy fucking.

Bitch Stop Features

This is miles ahead of some other sites, in terms of its porn and its design. The first thing that comes to mind when you visit this site is that you are in the right place as it can arouse you just from that one look at the homepage. It is full of content but organized so you won’t feel like you’re lost or that you need to spend time looking for the videos. The site has a sliding image at the top of the page, and it shows the newest scenes, very exciting ones, too. Below you’ll find a menu bar with the essential buttons like the home page button, the free tour, the log in button and the join button, which is in red and therefore easily noticeable.

The site has a black background at most places, having red borders and buttons to make things more passionate. If you go down, you’ll see the previews, organized in sections, one for each video. Each section has a set of photos from the newest video as well as a short description so that you can get familiar with the content even before you join. The site also provides you with a great browsing experience, being well sorted, well organized and having a good response time. I also love the mobile version of the site, as it is optimized as well as its bigger brother.

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Bitch Stop Contents

When you arrive at the videos section, already aroused and with an idea of what you can expect, you can still be surprised. The previews only show parts of the action, but it is the videos that you will find the excitement, the full-length ones. They offer the complete experience, from the meeting to the car ride, to the flirting and the foreplay, all the way to the sex which is great. The spontaneity is awesome and the way they fuck is even better. 

Some of these girls seem innocent or like your regular neighbor girls, but they sure don’t fuck like them. They love sucking cock and having hardcore sex, and they find that sex is the best way to thank their rescuer. With full HD videos, you will be thankful, too, as the details are crisp and the close ups yummy. The videos last for half an hour, each, and you can choose from a hundred of them. With regular updates, that number keeps on growing, not to mention that you get 9 more sites as soon as you join. Yes, 9 sites for the price of one, all from the same network, all with different content and a different approach to porn.
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