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Assylum Overview

Assylum as the name implies, it is a hardcore porn website that features mainly anal hardcore sex, it shows in details how girls are manhandled by their male counterparts and gallowed. The site features the use of elaborate sex tools which are used to tease, please and gallowed the girls. The materials are a little bit explicit as some scenes show too many details. These girls are seen enjoying sex from their male counterparts as they use different sex toys to stimulate the process. They are systematically tied using creative styles of binding to keep the girls stationed while the boys have fun with the girls as the camera watches. The content of Assylum are original content put together by the team of the website, this features sex scenes of hunks and their female subjects. The pictures which are high definition displays an attention to detail in the production of the materials by the team; a lot of thought and effort was put into the production of the content found on the website. This level of excellence cannot be achieved by amateurs as they will need the right resources and years of field experience to get to the level of competence. The content on the site is void of pop-up ads and other unnecessary clutter and annoying ads and plugins, this is the home of clean and beautiful porn content served on a clean and efficient website. The site is full HD as all the content available on the site is the best available out there, the content is very engaging as it conveys the necessary information, as well as deliver happiness to its viewers. Members of the Assylum must be ready because they are in for the ride of their lives, the site offers state of the art HD images of both videos and pictures and this which makes for an experience of a lifetime, members also get to watch the full videos of the sex scenes. They also have access to thousands of pictures from the different sex scenes from the website both past and present, although there is no access to other affiliated sites, the site is a place to get the very best of pornographic entertainment. With regular updates of fresh contents from the site, members will have their hands busy while on this platform. The site has been recognized for several awards for excellence: it won the Rise awards for 2015 rabbit review, also nominated for the 2015 AVN Awards and it is currently nominated for Xbiz awards 2016.

Assylum Features

The user interface is well informed with the accurate details of the average user’s needs and expectations. The site has a unique user interface/experience, it one that features the most sublime architecture of beautiful designs and functionality, it enables users to interact with the website as an individual; no wonder it has received so much accolade. Content are well arranged on the site, it addresses the issue of clutter found on other websites, also, they all the categories arranged to the left-hand side of the tabs found on the website, this shows simplicity and efficiency. All the categories on the website are creatively named to reflect other activities on the site. And the site has the payment system to handle customer’s payments in a secure environment. The design to me is the focal point of the exclusivity of this website, from the logo to the footer of the website, it is an exquisite display of beautiful designs and artistry. never before I have come across a porn website that has a white theme, but asylum uses a white colour theme on the entirety of the website, and this made the website look like heaven; with a contrasting touch of red, blue and black in its fonts, the site surely looks like they have outdone themselves. It is perfect! Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself. The site doesn’t offer free downloadable videos, some videos are available to be streamed as trailers, but the downloading of videos is exclusively for members of the site. The streaming speed is fast as the videos render really fast making it a good place to watch full videos of favourite porn materials. With thousands of photos available for the viewing pleasure of the members of the site and visitors as well, Assylum has a lot install for her visitors. With an apparently well designed advanced search options button, this is to enable users access files and folders with relative ease across the website. Finding content that has been stored in the archives of the website for years, can be easily retrieved by clients that are interested in such content. This highly intuitive website is well adapted to optimize mobile functionality, for mobile phones and tablets alike, users will still be able to enjoy maximum customer experience across all the devices. Assylum occupies a niche where you girls are manhandled roughly and they are thrust into their anal rectum for the pleasure of the both parties, this is usually hardcore sex and often the girls are seen in so much crick and discomfort as they are used by their male counterparts.

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Assylum Contents

The girls are pornstar and models alike, they are all fresh and innocent looking, often seen crying in these videos; as they are portrayed to be innocent girls that are marred by their male assailants. The sex on the site is not highly engaging by both parties, it is rather a one end activity enjoyed by the male and endured by the female sex. But in the videos, the girls are creatively tied up as they are dosed with by the males. There are a lot of videos on the website that are shot by 4k ultra HD quality, the videos reveal explicit titles such as “Ass monkey, penal gallow, and Rim jobs for all. And in these videos features an array of different anal activities such as thrusting, sucking and stimulation using different elaborate instruments.



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