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Andi Love Overview

This site will fulfill your fantasy about good girls gone bad. Andi Love satisfies your cravings with intimacy for she will be including you as she goes down and dirty. You can visualize about having yourself sucked while she is dressed provocatively, seducing you through the screen, making your imagination look into scenarios you never thought you could think of.

Andi Love is an HD site which has exclusive movies, pictures and downloads. Members will have instant access of her videos and you can watch in high resolution as she plays herself and perform just for you. Members can also have access to Solo Girls Network with multiple sites that you can chose from, as well to about 300 thousand downloadable videos with multiple speed options and almost 32 million pictures that you can transfer into your Ipod, Iphone, Android or MP4 device.

Andi Love Features

Once you open Andi Love it gives you a teaser of what is in store for you when you become a member, it gives you a glimpse of what lies ahead. Her soft and milky white skin is exposed, enticing viewers. The profile in her homepage gives us an idea about who she is, making us feel that we’ve known her for a while now and this fuels our fantasy.

The HD quality of her videos and her pictures adds on to the effect as she does exposes her wet pussy in the camera, it will definitely make you want to reach out and touch it. You can download her videos into your Iphone, Ipod Android,PSP and all MP4 devices so you can have your release anytime and anywhere. Another feature that is exclusive for the lucky members is that they can live chat porn stars, the excitement of chatting with hot and sexy girls as they send you provocative text will surely make your imagination wild and your prick hard.

The membership also includes an access to the Solo Girls Network wherein you can view different types of amazing and stunning girls that you can interact with.

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Andi Love Contents

The bedroom setting gives you an “at home” feel, as most independent porn stars go outdoor to suck dicks and have their pussy banged, Andi Love has more videos inside a bedroom, inviting you to join her as she loses herself in the world of lust. Just you and her. She talks to you seductively and is inviting, you can watch her slowly undress herself, touching every bit of her flesh, you just know that she will do whatever you want her to. She has sex toys that she uses to play with as she seductively stares at the camera, her mesmerizing eyes are focused on you as her beautiful lips go up and down a dildo, she even positions it so that it would look like it’s yours as she pumps it up and down, you can even hear her moaning which adds up to the feeling that you are there with her, in the bedroom, having sex and you just know it’s going to go down.

She also focuses the camera on her wet pussy as she pumps the dildo into her, the incredibly high-quality videos will make you start thinking that you are part of the scenario. There are videos in the site wherein you will see do her usual routine but it has this after sex feel as she freshens herself up just for you. At the homepage you will see the quick introduction of Andi Love, you may see it as her introducing herself to those who want to have sex with her but you can also see it in a different way to make it more intriguing. The brief introduction that she has posted will make you feel like you’ve known her for a while and then you can mould her into whomever you want as she lies down in her bed and watches you from the camera, you can think of her as your hot neighbour that you’ve been eyeing on for months, you can think of her as your friend that you secretly lusts on or your co-worker that has been the star of your fantasy. The sense of familiarity brings in more and more wild fantasies for you.
Aside from that, having access to another site as a member is an advantage, opening Solo Girls Network through Andi Love, has multiple porn sites that shows you all types of ladies that will madden what you have inside, you can chat them up as they do live chats just for exclusive members. You can have as much fun as you want and bounce from one girl to another. With the 224,580 videos , 31,082,506 pictures and around 5000 DVD’s on the whole network, it will give you a different feel each time.


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